Tuesday, September 05, 2006

If You Were Me

If you were me you would wake up at 4:30 a.m. on work days and around 6:30 on weekends. You would put your coffee pot together every evening so you can just push the button in the morning.
You’d say that doing your hair is the most stressful part of your day. And you’d spend too much money to be naturally blonde.
If you were me you would have just bought buttery yellow scrubs for work because you have a really cool buttery yellow beaded necklace that you never get to wear. And this would make perfect sense to you.
If you were me you’d be sure your right leg was shorter than your left leg by a few inches and you’d be right no matter that everybody at work says you’re nuts.
If you were me you’d have a set of vital signs written on your left hand right now.
If you were me you’d be wondering whatever possessed you to volunteer to work the last weekend when you didn’t have to.
If you were me you’d talk to yourself when driving alone. You’d go to bed at 7:00 p.m. and read for a half hour every night. You’d wonder what became of your homemaking skills. You’d regret eating too much today and then tell yourself a little more can’t hurt now.
If you were me you’d be very unambitious. You’d be more in love with your kids today than you’ve ever dreamed and so proud of them it hurts.
You’d be more in love with the Mr. than you were yesterday even though that’s impossible.
You’d watch old movies on television but not on DVD because that’s cheating.
If you were me you’d remind yourself every morning to watch your mouth and speak wisely. Every evening you’d wonder what happened to this great plan.
If you were me you would have big feet and lots of tennis shoes and like cheap jewelry but not care about real gold or precious gems.
If you were me you’d wear wax lips at work while sitting at the nurse’s station.
If you were me you’d love carbs and salty snacks and Dairy Queen vanilla soft serve with cherry dip.
If you were me you’d hate exercise (or really any movement that can be avoided) and hate your body but learn to live with it.
If you were me you’d have an 18 year old starting U of M D this week; an almost 17 year old starting his senior year and a 12 year old dog named Jazz.
You’d be married 20 years on October 25 and have been with the Mr. since you were 15 years old.
You’d never have tried drugs, alcohol or smoking.
If you were me you’d have accepted Christ at four years old and you’d rediscover him every day and still be amazed by grace.
If you were me you’d want time to stop so daboyz would stop growing up.
If you were me you’d have been praying for your daughters-in-law and grandchildren since you were in junior high.
If you were me your favorite thing to do would be to read and you’d be going out to dinner tonight because you’re too lazy too cook.
If you were me you wouldn't be able to tolerate manipulation or fakeness.
If you were me you'd be a pirate.
If you were me you'd be overwhelmed with gratitude that this is your life.
And if I were you I’d hop back to my own blog and write a post about how it would be to be you.
But that’s just me.

Psalm 139:13-14
For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb.
I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.


tina fabulous said...

a pirate... ha!
very clever post, per usual. did you ever know that youre my hero? and like, everything i wish i could be?

Margie said...

if you were me, you would be happy because i totally stole your idea for a post... and somehow could blame my need to slack... on you!

Tonya said...

Love the Pirate Costums, Is that what you and your family are going to dress up as for the Trunk or Treat event that I of course am in charge of??? I think that a Pirate family would be so Cute for Trunk or Treat.... You could decorate the car like a boat!!!! Sounds like you would have just ohhh so much fun! What do you say?

Tonya said...

Second Thought.... Jimmy seen the picture and has a question for the two of you...

RRRRRRRR you goin wear that to group tomorrow??

MSUgal86 said...

if you were me you would want to be you.