Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Home alone~

On Monday, I was home with a bit of a cold and one of my absolute favorite things happened...I was alone.  I love being home alone.  The Mr. was at work and Mac was off with his girl for the day and it was just me in my little house all alone.
Ahhhh.  Lovely.
I didn't feel well enough for doing anything productive, didn't even feel like reading (made my head hurt.)  I just sipped hot cups of tea with lots of honey and looked around my house and sort of drank it in; the tea and my surroundings.  I didn't turn on the television or the radio or play music.  All of the kids and adults in the neighborhood must have been otherwise occupied with school and work because it was blessedly quiet.  Just the wind in the trees, the wind chimes on the garage and sweet sweet peace. 
On days like this, if I listen closely, I can even hear the train whistle from Greenfield Village. 
I feel a bit sorry for people who crave something to do, or to see or to hear.  I've learned to feel quite blessed that I don't get bored very often.  Even though I had a sore throat and a headache, it was such a nice day, really.  Just home alone.
And happy.

Monday, October 28, 2013

What, me worry?

For you died, and your life is now hidden with Christ in God. 
Colossians 3:3

A few days ago; I almost started worrying. Worrying about the president and his vision for this nation. Worried on a much more personal level, about my kids and their futures in this country. I don't think there will be a miraculous turning around, frankly. The Bible doesn't indicate that there will be a reversal in the progress of wickedness. So if I believe what I believe, our prayers will slow the progress of evil and our goal is to influence people toward a relationship with Jesus-the only relief that we'll ever know. Still, I live within a body of flesh and the limited mind of mortality (at least for now.) And so, sometimes, I start to worry.

Sometimes I wish that my kids were facing adulthood in a different era; one with clearer morals and principles. More wisdom, less "smart." Sometimes I think a little too hard and then very quickly, daily peace and joy can dissipate into not fear but sadness. Sadness for how sweet life was created to be and how bitterly we live it. So as I stood at my kitchen window absent-mindedly turning worry over in my hands like a piece of china, the Holy Spirit answered my unasked question. Should I worry?

"No. God has hidden them." God has hidden my children. Evil cannot find them, in His hiding place. It might brush past us and we will even catch the scent of it as it settles like a dark cloud. But truly, in the deepest places where the soul lives, we are hidden.

Obamacare (the latest worry,) will crumble if God so ordains. If not, the Lord will hide us. Laws will change to legitimize immorality only if God allows it and if He does, He will hide us from the fall-out. And so on.

Where will He hide us? In the moment, He hides us in our home and families. That's why it's so important to me to cling to the old-fashioned and the simple. More importantly, He hides us in eternity.

I've started to thank God for hiding my children. It has become my daily prayer, continue to hide us. Blind the enemy to us. Make us invisible, guard the small and simple things that fill our hearts with joy and peace.

This is not a prayer I pray "hopefully," it's one that bubbles up out of this new realization. We're hidden! Whew! Safe at home...


Sunday, October 27, 2013

Saturday, October 26, 2013

1.  I cannot believe it but I'm out of coffee!  Luckily, I had some Starbuck's instant hidden away (and it's much better than regular old instant; which is gross.)
2.  We're going to Moro's for dinner for our anniversary this evening.
3.  I got most of the Autumn yard work done and then the weather turned COLD COLD.  The rest might not get done. 
4.  As I do every time this year, last night I started reading the Mitford series again.  When that's complete, it'll be the Little House books and then the All Creatures series...my Autumn and Winter reading schedule.
5.  I'm already looking forward to the holidays, it'll be time for the Christmas tree in a month.
6.  This blustery weather makes me think of making Snickerdoodles.
7.  While cleaning out the garage, the Mr. found a box of DVDs-old movies!  Yay!
8.  We're going to Traverse City in a few weeks for a late anniversary get away. 
9.  Time for another cup of instant coffee ;)
10.  Have a beautiful weekend.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

October babies~

Susan with her red velvet cake and Mac with his banana pudding (made with love by Susan!)

Last night The Family came over for our October birthday dinner honoring Mac and his girl Susan.  We also realized that Susan has been here in Michigan for one year...wow!  Time has flown by since we met this sweet young woman from Vermont.  Now, I can't imagine our family without her.  The birthday babies requested lasagna for dinner and my dad brought over ribs from the boar he hunted last week-those prepared with love by my mom.  Since it was a work/school night, it wasn't a long evening but still, Family time is always precious.

I've finally settled into my new work life.  After much thought and prayer, I chose not to continue with hospice.  I am remaining in a contingent position at Kingswood where I have been blessed with the opportunity to do aspects of the job that I love but I am no longer a manager so the 24/7 day a week call is a thing of the past.  It's the best of all worlds and I feel completely peaceful and so grateful for this blessing. 

One of the best things of this "new" job?  It's contingent and so I make my own schedule which means I am off today.  I knew I'd be tired after last night's celebration so I gave myself a short work week and I'll go in tomorrow for a three day week.  For a homemaker-at-heart, I am finally feeling my life is in balance!

I hope all is well in your neighborhood today, as it is in ours.  My plans for today are a load of laundry and relaxing with a good book. 


Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Wednesday, October 09, 2013


These are daboyz, my boys, that is.  Jay (25) on the left and Mac (24) on the right.  This pic was taken on Lake Michigan this summer during our vacation.  Every year, our kids still go Up North with us on vacation.  Sometimes we take a day or two for a little side trip but basically, it's a week at my parents' cottage with very little television and a whole lot of sitting around playing board games,  eating big breakfasts and just being quietly in one another's company.  You'd think that by this age, they'd be making their own vacation plans in much cooler places than a little cottage with their parents.  I'm thankful for every year we still have together.  I'm truly thankful for their hearts, because they don't roll their eyes and tolerate our Up North trips.  They start talking about it months in advance-planning and coordinating vacation time.  The final few weeks are still the same "can't wait" countdown we used to hear when they were little guys. 
I stayed at home when they were, in fact, little guys.  I didn't go back to work until Mac was in first grade and even then, I worked for the schools system so I'd be on the same calendar they were on.  I became a nurse in 2004, they were 15 and 16 years old and it was the first time I worked a summer vacation.  What a blessing.  Not the financial aspect, we struggled with that.  But the time...time that can't be measured in dollars.  The time we spent being woven together, by God, into one another's lives.  My poor kids, they never had the benefit of a parent who respected privacy and boundaries, still don't.  Another gift for which I'm grateful, they accept this closeness with grace instead of defiance.  Of course, they are adults and our relationship is different now.  Of course, they are due privacy and respect and we honor that.  We honor the men they've become. 
These men, who still spend their time with us.  Who still hug us and tell us they love us and in little ways they aren't even aware of-they bless us.
Like Jay spending the day at the cider mill and bringing us cider and donuts.  And Mac, he and his girl learning to make chicken paprikash and being, well, they're cheapskates!  LOL!  Frugal, let's say they are frugal :)  
What I mean is, they are building their lives on good and simple pleasures.  They love evenings like the family campfire we had a few weeks ago.  They come over to watch football with their dad and eat giant bowls of his chili on Sundays.  They have hearts that are satisfied with family and simplicity.  I'm so thankful for that.  I believe their hearts will serve them well in years to come, because they recognize God in quiet places. 
It's not a kind world any more.  People chase after bigger and louder things to satisfy their bored and empty hearts.  Thank you, Lord, for sons who spend their Saturday nights with a cup of coffee and a campfire and crave nothing more.

Sunday, October 06, 2013

Saturday, October 05, 2013


1.  This kid's birthday was on the second, happy 24th Mac!
2.  Baby shower today for Kelly :)
3.  Love October, it's my favorite month.
4.  Mac's girl Susan's birthday is on the 31st.
5.  We'll be having their combined birthday dinner in a few weeks.
6.  Our anniversary is on October 25th.
7.  Leaves are turning, never stops being beautiful to me.
8.  Yes, Starbuck's Pumpkin Spice Latte calls my name :)
9.  Rainy nights make for great sleep and cool mornings.
10. And now, I'm going to make a pot of steel cut oats with brown sugar.

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Very, very good~

Mason, Rob, Jay & Kate

Tim & Grandpa/my Dad
Mason & Sarah

Dean, my Dad, my Mom, Susan, Mac, Kate, Jay

On Saturday we had our campfire with The Family. The Mr. made sloppy joes, my sister provided Buffalo Chicken dip, my mom and dad brought donuts and cider. We had apples with carmel dipping sauce and sharp cheddar cheese and cocoa with "fixin's" and hot coffee and most of all; we had a great evening together. Before we knew it, it was almost midnight and we were still sitting around the fire enjoying both moments of laughter and sweet and comfortable quiet. Maybe I'm being overly sentimental, but I think there's an extra specialness in the fact that this is my grandparents' house. For me, those quiet moments are often ones when I'm remembering times gone by and a different generation sitting in this yard; when I was the child exploring this big yard with the soothing sounds of grown ups talking around me.
I hope you found some time this weekend to laugh and to quietly contemplate God's goodness. He is so very, very good.