Thursday, December 31, 2009


Mac & I are watching old movies and getting ready to have some deli sandwiches for dinner. Good deli sandwiches always bring my Grandma Trent to mind; they were one of her specialties. Jay worked until 6:00, he'll drive home and then head over here for the evening.
The Mr. is at church. We weren't interested in staying through the entire service until midnight; we're New Year's homebodies and treasure greeting midnight snuggled in (usually literally snuggled in bed) with quiet peace. But he's playing for the first portion of the service and will be home around 10:00 p.m. Nothing exciting to report on the Smith Front which is just how we like it. This is the last evening we'll sit around our Christmas tree until next year; down it comes tomorrow. The fire is warm and the lamplight is mellow and sweet. Mac and I are outfitted in our pajamas and Donny is snoring next to me.
The movie we are watching at the moment is Evan Almighty. Have you seen it? Good movie. It speaks to me especially tonight. There's an old song, The Imperials maybe? Build an ark; head for the open waters. Save your sons and your an ark.
In the movie the town's people who mocked Evan/Noah come to their senses at the last moment and are saved. This evening I am reminded that we are still commanded to build an ark. As daboyz and the Mr. settle in under one roof tonight it's a little bit like our ark. A place where we've done the best we could to measure our steps and our words; a place where we've made a covenant with God to believe in the safe passage of our family into the future.

Dear Lord, thank you for safe passage through 2009. Thank you for strength and health. Thank you that we have passed through 12 months of economic uncertainty without the loss of our home or the ability to feed and clothe our family. Thank you for the plans you have already made for 2010, give us the courage and the wisdom to stand 12 months from now having pleased you and more aware of your love for us than we are today. Lord, if you would, set your rainbow over this home and let it be an ark of safety for the four of us and all of those you send to us. Thank you God, for your son. Thank you for my family and all that you have prepared for us. If there is only one thing I accomplish for you, let my life be an ark where irrational faith is met with inconceivable love. Amen.

God Above All The World In Motion

Good morning friends, sisters and other wanderers! My Christmas vacation is drawing to a quick close, back to work on Saturday. I feel that this week has been both too busy and yet delightfully lazy with many mornings of sleeping in and remaining in pajamas until midday. Last night the Mr. and I went to see Walking With The Dinosaurs. One morning a few weeks back we were watching the news and they featured some of the dinos from this show and we impulsively bought tickets. Well, by yesterday afternoon at around 4:00, the last thing I wanted to do was walk with dinosaurs. Dean asked Marty if he and Alexa wanted the tickets without success so having already spent the money and having reached that age of not being able to stand to see things go to waste, we dragged ourselves out to Cobo Hall.
If you haven't used the link above, that would be the best way for you to imagine Walking With The Dinosaurs. As I said, I didn't want to go. I was tired, it was cold and I was pretty sure that this was geared toward little kids. After some gentle grumbling we made our way downtown and into our seats just in time for "curtain call." There wasn't actually a curtain as the show took place in Cobo (which is a former athletic arena.) At the end of two hours, I was in awe and oh so glad that Marty didn't take our tickets off our hands. Yes, the audience was mostly little ones but maybe the Mr. and I still have child-like (or childish) hearts. We were in awe of these life-size animals that soared to the ceiling of Cobo touching the Jumbotron. We felt the vibrations from the mammoth foot steps and roars and had to be mindful to keep our jaws from dropping.
Were the special effects and technology of dinosaurs right in front of us amazing? Yes, to say the very least. Moreso this was a religious experience for me.
We watched the continents break apart, the earth break forth from barren landscapes to fern-lush meadows to flowering fields with these behemoth animals arising and (don't make fun of me), I sat amongst the little kids in their dino hats and cried. Would it be ridiculous for me to describe a Cobo Arena Dinosaur show as glorious? Then ridiculous it is.
I have this experience all the time. Up north watching hummingbirds buzz around the porch swing. From my family room going to bed to barren trees and waking up under towering leafy branches. From my office window as snow falls silently to erase the blighted urban landscape for a few hours.
I wondered if I should try to think up some poignant New Year's Eve post about the past and the future. Should I mention the loved ones and the strangers who will not greet 2010, having already spent their allotted moments embraced by mortality? Shouldn't I make promises or resolutions about what I want my life to be this year? Express gratitude for the wonderfulness that has been 2009?
I have only one thought as the final hours of 2009 float into memory. God is amazing, glorious, powerful, creator, redeemer...He is all there is and all that we see is the vapor of his breath left behind as He exhales life into the universe.
My wish for you and me and all of the world is that we will see God. He is not invisible.
Grace to you.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


The Party

The Morning After

Midmorning Hello & Prefabricated Meatstuffs

Had the annual Band Christmas bash last night. Served a meal that I was not impressed with. Prepared meatballs, prepared mashed taters. Don't love that, would have much preferred actually making a nice meal especially since I wasn't working and had the time. But the Mr. prevailed as he actually likes the Gordon's meatballs (not Ikea but a similiar concept), which I am sure are made of salt and sawdust. I did steam green beans and then toss with olive oil, sliced almonds and garlic; a slight redemption of a shameful presentation!
Despite the synthetic entree, a fine time was had by all. We exchanged gifts and I received a lovely t-shirt made by Chad with a pic of the Mr. in a hot tub bubble bath taken last weekend during the romantic get-away (yes, I took a pic and sent it to Chad.) Played a board game which lasted approximately 3 months. By the end I was attempting to text the answers to the other team just to end it. Of course, we ate too much...appetizers, sawdust balls, desserts (and more desserts!) and naturally the Mr.'s holiday punch.
I took a bunch of pictures with my new camera which I am determined to make good use of. I'll post these when I transfer them to the computer. Presently using the laptop in the family room because Mac is sleeping in the spare room/office. I remain in my robe drinking cinnamon holiday coffee; Donny & the Mr. awoke for half and hour and each fell promptly asleep on a couch.
Tonight we're going to see "Walking With The Dinosaurs." Hope we can get moving in time to make the show at 7:00 this evening!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Home Again, Home Again

Yes, we are home from our little get-away...all the way to Allen Park we traveled! For the first time we stayed at the Holiday Inn there, this after a web search. We had one of the nicest rooms we've ever stayed in; fireplace & jacuzzi in our room. I'd say we're refreshed but we weren't all that de-freshed in the first place so let's just say we had a wonderful time.
Mac is still sick, has been for several days. If you ask me it's a direct result of poor sleep habits and a recent trip out to play wally ball wearing a Carhart jacket, hat and shorts. But what do I know? So he's lazing on the couch under an electric throw sipping honey & lemon tea and watching Myth Busters. I've got a pot of stoup on the stove for him. Chicken, celery, carrots, onion and brown rice. And a little garlic to cure what ails ya! Since he helped himself to a good night's sleep in our bed, I've also changed our sheets as I don't care to spend any time rolling around in his contaminated bed clothes.
When we came home I brewed a pot of espresso (see above pic) because, really, can you ever have enough coffee? No is the answer. Straightened up the house because two boys (yes two) can make quite a little mess. Ran to the library and Gordon's Foods (because DaBand is coming over tomorrow.) The snow has been falling all day and making everything just a little prettier and a little cozier. Donny keeps going outside to run in circles in the snow and then coming in to run in circles in the house to warm up. Jay will be headed over shortly for a big bowl of stoup. I'm going to do a little more straightening and then settle in with one of my new library books and a cup of tea with honey.
If you're curious about the get-away; pics are on my Facebook. I am pretty sure you guys are all connected. If not and you're interested, just give a holler and I'll post here.
The tea pot is whistling...

Impromptu Romantic Get-Aways

Good Monday to you. I am not at my computer at the moment but thought I'd drop a note in the mail, so to speak. I set my blog to publish today. Aren't I clever?

The Mr. and I have said over and over that we need a little stash for those impromptu moments when we want to have a romantic get-away but of course, never have the money. And romantic get-aways don't come cheap. So in the Mr.'s stocking this year was a card with said stash for future impromptu romantic get-away. We'll save it for one of those Calgon-me-away days. Won't it be wonderful, say, on a snowy day in February to reach into our little stash and run away for the night?

This morning I woke up to hear the Mr. on the phone making hotel reservations for Sunday, December 27. I guess we were more in need of an impromptu get-away than I realized. And this, my friends, is why we never have a secret stash!

So off to a jacuzzi suite complete with fireplace we'll be hidden away from the world, though only few a few hours. Maybe if you're lucky I'll take a picture of the Mr. in the jacuzzi with my new Christmas camera!

And when we come home, back to saving up a little stash...

Romance is the glamour which turns the dust of everyday life into a golden haze.

~Amanda Cross

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Romans 7:5-6
For when we were in the flesh, the motions of sins, which were by the law, did work in our members to bring forth fruit unto death. But now we are delivered from the law, that being dead wherein we were held; that we should serve in newness of spirit, and not in the oldness of the letter.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Smith Report

So? How was your Christmas?
Ours was wonderful, although I don't recall a Christmas that wasn't. I'm sure there have been unhappy Christmases if I think hard enough but I choose to not go chasing after sad memories that have moved into oblivion.
You're wondering what we ate? Christmas Eve was our usual Mexican feast begun about six years ago when Jay was diagnosed with Celiac. Mexican is just about the only always safe bet and a family favorite. Usually the Mr. makes dinner because he is off on Christmas Eve and I'm not. This year I was able to head home after a half day and help a bit. I made Mexican Wedding cake; another favorite and tradition. Dean's parent's joined us, the first Christmas together in 20 years or so. Dean's dad was more out of it than not but when he was lucid he was teary with a soft-heartedness that is new to him.
Our Jay spent the night with us, also become a fairly recent tradition since he's moved out. A new guest in the house was Mac's girlfriend, Lexi. We had a full house! Jay in our front bedroom, Lexi in the family room snuggled on our big couch under our tree (although I don't how she slept with the Christmas lights on!) We opened our gifts on Christmas Eve with Dean's parents and I received a waffle iron from Jay so...waffles (gluten free and regular!) with thick cut bacon, coffee/hot tea and orange juice for Christmas breakfast. Of course, warm maple syrup, real butter and powdered sugar were on hand.
Christmas morning we were not without a few gifts since Santa arrived for we four, Lexi and Donny. He was very generous bringing us our favorite candies and goodies. I can't recall if it was Donny or Santa but one of them gave us a camera for Christmas so once I've mastered it, look forward to more pictures than you'd ever want to see!
Lexi and Mac left mid morning to visit with her family in Toledo leaving Dean, Jay and I to straighten up, admire our new stuff and get ready for Christmas Phase II...
Christmas dinner at my parents! A tradition for about twenty years, can you tell we like tradition around here? I was supposed to work but was able to pull off working from home at the last moment so my mom and my sister took on the real work of preparing a wonderful dinner with the Mr. and I only contributing punch, shrimp cocktail and cookies. We ate (and ate and ate) ham, turkey, green beans, potatoes, broccoli/cauliflower salad, pickles olives...and there was a very small dessert table as well with about 10 different choices requiring the sensible celebrant to limit his or her plate to only 8 or 9 sweets.
We exchanged gifts as the Trent Family on Christmas day, a few years ago giving up the bank-breaking unnecessary gift giving for everyone and drawing names. We haven't missed the giant pile of stuff once. Jay was my "Secret Santa" and I got an awesome giant basket of coffee goodies from the Coffee Beanery. I drew Rob's name and ordered him a "horse clock" per his request and the latest Joel Olesteen book. I was a bit worried that the much awaited horse clock would meet with his approval as it is destined for his office at work but he seemed to like it very much.
I got only one phone call from work with a quick update and instructions from my staff to enjoy my family and not give them a second thought. I wasn't quite able to put the hospital completely out of my mind but I did a pretty good job not dwelling on it.
We came home shortly after 8:00 p.m. tired, full and joyous. Jay and Mac drove Lexi home and settled in to play video games and the Mr. and I headed to bed.
So there you have Christmas with the Smiths. I hope you share your birthday doin's and that your time with family was as wonderful as ours, worthy of the Jesus we celebrate.
Merry day after!
Painting: Santa on a horse in honor of my brother-in-law, Rob.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas Eve!

I'm off to work today but thought I'd share an actual holiday picture of myself with all of my bloggity friends!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Messiah Provider

This morning I turned my radio dial to the Praise channel on Sirius. I will admit to you that gospel music as opposed to modern worship is what really feeds my soul. I will also admit, although I hate to, that I often walk around soul starved without the sense to do such a simple thing as turn a radio dial.

As I mentioned, my heart has been burdened for our soldiers and their families and I hope you are feeling the same burden.

I am also burdened for those families that lack in other ways this Christmas. Loved ones who have passed away; fractured families who cannot celebrate together; illnesses that steal the simple joy of being pain-free; parents dreading Christmas morning without gifts for their little ones; dinner tables lacking the basics much less the feast that Christmas deserves.

There is so much hurt that I so easily push aside as I admire the beautiful lights in my neighborhood and snitch one more tiny nibble of a cookie. I don't apologize for the joy in my life, and I thank God for the plenty that surrounds me. But let me not become so immersed in all that is good and right for me that I forget that all is not good and right everywhere.

When I am soul-starved, I tend to fill the voids with things like Christmas carols played loud enough to drown out the Holy Spirit's whispers to remember others. But when I fill myself with the spiritual food that truly fills me, I recognize the voids around me and remember to ask God to fill the lives that are hungry.

A few lines from my morning and evening drives- songs heard on my radio have resonated in my heart today. No, not Christmas songs. Just truth. The truth that sets men free and fills the hungry spirit. Three different songs, and tonight as I pray for those who lack, I give thanks for the modern-day psalmists who brought forth such truth in lyrics...

I am not worthy, yet I do not worry.

Who is he but Jehovah Jireh, what shall he do but provide?

Praise confuses the enemy.

Monday, December 21, 2009

God please...

I was watching the news this morning and there was a story about a mom surprised by her daughter coming home from Iraq for Christmas. The daughter had been denied leave for Christmas and was expected to come home around New Year's. Mom was at the airport when her daughter stepped off the plane with the rest of G.I.s surprising her. You wondering what mom was doing at the airport if she wasn't expecting her soldier daughter? She was there to greet the ones who were lucky enough to get that Christmas leave.

Can you begin to imagine the heart of such a woman? Not bitter that her daughter was going to be under literal fire on Christmas day; but there to celebrate with the soldiers who could come home. She said she wanted to hug the ones who didn't have a mom there to greet them.

When the reporter asked the soldier how it felt to be home she said she had spent months dreaming of stepping off of the plane on American soil. But now standing on American soil, her only thoughts are "my guys" still fighting so that she could come home for a week.

I thought to myself, this young woman cannot have peace. On the battlefield, her heart yearns for home. At home, she years to stand beside her comrades until they can all come home. It made me ashamed of myself and the peace that I have. None of us should be completely peaceful as long as we have men and women, sons and daughters; on a battlefield. We should all be like that soldier, thankful to be home with a corner of our hearts reaching out to the ones fighting for us.

I am going to give time everyday this week to pray for the soldiers and families who are both separted physically and those caught between two worlds when they are finally home for a moment.

Somewhere mothers and fathers are praying for their children to be safe while their place will be empty at the dinner table. Somewhere husbands and wives are trying to keep the memory of their spouses alive for their children.

Somewhere Christmas carols are drowned out by cries, "God please..."

I join them.

God please...

Knowing Why

Five more days! How ready are you for the birthday party?
I have one more gift to wrap and a few gift cards to pick up on behalf of Santa. I have baked chocolate oatmeal cookies, oatmeal raisin cookies, walnut balls, lemon squares and magic cookie bars. The plan is to finish up with cream cheese cookies, buckeyes and chocolate brickle today. The brickle is a new recipe I found in a Paula Deen cookbook. I don't know exactly what a brickle should look like because there is no picture but I am sure brickle is fabulous just based on its name. Everything is gluten-free except the walnut balls. Tried to g/f those last year but they are just too crumbly without the magical binding power of wheat. Happily, they aren't one of Jay's favorite so it's not too terrible a tragedy. I have today off and the Mr. has the morning off. Gonna see if I can't sweet talk him into taking the whole day.
So I sit this morning with my snowflake coffee mug wearing my Santa flannel jammies with a dusting of snow outside. The Mr. kissed me good morning and promptly fell back asleep and Donny is outside hunting reindeer.
I am scheduled to work on Christmas Day and someone told me that Christmas is no big deal if you don't have little kids at home. How sad for that person.

Dear Lord, thank you for the gift of your son and the celebration that arises in our spirits because our reconciliation with you became flesh. Thank you for the blessings of my life and thank you for the joy I can experience in Christ. Thank you for a warm and happy home, for enough money to bake goodies (because there were years we couldn't afford that luxury.) Thank you for presents under our tree and thank you that we have learned when to be done with the buying and to settle in with the celebration. Thank you for the peace of my family that arises in times of plenty and sustains in times of trouble. Thank you for the tears that fall during Christmas songs at church. Thank you Father; for inviting me to the birth of your son. I have no gift to bring that's fit to give a King. And yet the King of Kings is mine.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

1 Peter 2:6
For in Scripture it says: "See, I lay a stone in Zion, a chosen and precious cornerstone, and the one who trusts in him will never be put to shame."

Friday, December 18, 2009

It's never a bad idea

1. To say I love you.
2. To offer a cup of coffee.
3. To write a thank you note.
4. To use more Christmas lights.
5. To mail a birthday card.
6. To pray.
7. To apologize.
8. To forgive.
9. To make a pot of soup from scratch.
10. To take photographs.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Undeserved Gifts

Have you ever criticized someone only to realize after the fact that there was a reason for their behavior? And then felt like a monster for being too hard on the person? Well, I have.
Have you ever rolled your eyes or dug in your heals or chosen sarcasm or silence when someone disappointed you to find out later that there was pain in their life that made pleasing you just too difficult? And realized that your gentleness and grace would have soothed a wound and instead you created a new one?
I have.
Have you ever been on the receiving end of impatience or anger and thought, "If you knew what I was going through, you wouldn't do this to me." I have. Have you ever just been too worn out and sad to explain yourself so you just took the assault and sunk a little lower? I have.
I'm trying to remove myself from this cycle of giving and receiving hurt by withholding grace. I've come to understand that on my part, I am deciding whether or not someone deserves my grace or my boot heel. How sinful my heart can be. There is no deserving grace, or mercy for that matter. How dare I dole it out as though able to judge those who should be comforted and those who should be...discomforted.
When I am vulnerable and weak I need to take responsibility for myself and give some explanation for myself, even if it's simply to say that I'm having a bad day and please excuse me. Of course, I cannot have a year's worth of bad days to excuse continuous bad behavior and attitude!
When I play the part of the bearer of grace, I must give it open-handedly. As though I've got all the mercies of heaven at my fingertips, I will cover your wounds with kindness.
Because in fact, do I not have all the mercies of heaven already applied to my own wounds?
It is not giving, only sharing what I've been given.
Without deserving, just as I have received.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Counting Down to Christmas

I think I think I think we're ready for Christmas! Not completely and entirely done with everything, does anybody get completely and entirely done with everything? But shopping is 99% complete and today I promise to finish my wrapping. Our decorating inside is complete but the Mr. has decided to put lights outside because as we were driving down our street about halfway down the block (on our half) all of the lights stop. I mentioned this must be the Muslim end of the street and he decided that we need to be lit up to clarify our faith!
I worked the weekend which always makes me feel like my home life is in limbo and covering the hospital next Saturday as well but hoping to work from home in which case I have penciled in baking. I've also sent Mac's girl Lexi a message to see if I can't lasso her in to be a baking assistant.
New Santy Claus pajamas to wear on Christmas Day (which I'm working!) are purchased. Obviously I am going to have to wear something a bit more professional to work and then change! Even the stocking stuffers are stocked.
And can I take a moment to say how much I appreciate my Mr.? He does all of the shopping and wrapping for Daboyz and does a good portion of the rest of the wrapping as well. He put up the tree, although I did help hang ornaments! And now he's going out into the wilderness to light up the bushes.
So happy planning and celebrating!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Psalm 16:11
Thou wilt shew me the path of life: in thy presence is fulness of joy; at thy right hand there are pleasures for evermore.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Simple Pleasures

1. Honey.
2. Fireplace.
3. Lemons.
4. Flannel pajamas.
5. Reading in bed.
6. Audio books in the car.
7. Old hymns.
8. Cinnamon scented candles.
9. Hot cocoa from scratch.
10. Christmas lights.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Dear Lord

The patient was expecting to be discharged but his doctor wasn't in yet. He wasn't trying to cause problems but wanted to make sure I understood his urgency. Two worries. Number one, he wanted to coordinate as closely as possible to the bus schedule because he didn't want to stand outside any longer than necessary. Secondly, he wanted to get in line early at the shelter so they didn't run out of beds. Being discharged from the hospital with no one to pick you. A good night defined by 8 hours inside instead of out side. Tomorrow's cold winds will come soon enough when the doors lock again until sundown.
And my electric mattress pad isn't heating up as warmly as it used to.
I really can't think of anything else to say.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Submission or Obedience?

Mark 4:40,41 And he said unto them, Why are ye so fearful? how is it that ye have no faith?
And they feared exceedingly, and said one to another, What manner of man is this, that even the wind and the sea obey him?

Trees falling and drivers with knitted brow trying to keep their cars in their lanes have marked the high winds of this afternoon. Giggles about messy hair echo through the hall during shift change. My silly dog seems to walk sideways with unnecessarily high steps.
As I put my keys into my back the chimes on our deck sound like gentle church bells, deceptively sweet in the powerful wind.
Mighty winds.
Mighty God.
Far from me is the idea that I should speak better words than the gospel. Abide with me for just a moment then. Because it is not the winds that obey my God today. It is He who directs the wind where it should blow; the submission of creation that dares not question. It is He who breathes the wind into existence.
It is only the prideful man who stops to consider obedience.
How much wiser the winds than I.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009


Spoke with Dean's sister today and his brother, Dennis, is hospitalized with cellulitis and possibly a stroke. Please be in prayer for him, he also has cancer of the liver.
A word of praise; Danny, who was severely burned a few months ago, has been transferred to a rehab. He still has a tracheotomy but is learning how to walk! The staff at the facility have nicknamed him Miracle Baby because they have never seen anyone survive the injuries he sustained. He is experiencing tremendous pain when he attempts to stand and they are working on finding out the cause so that he can continue with the work of walking on his own.
Thank you for your ongoing prayer for Danny and I thank you in advance for your intercession on behalf of Dennis.

My headache is not gone but! it's not as bad! Thank you Jesus. It felt so good to be back at work yesterday. Another reason for praise; the Mr. got notification on Saturday that he was laid off this week. Yesterday he was called back in starting today!
With some gentle loving not so gentle nudging from a very close work friend; I applied to the BSN program and will start school again in the Fall. Have been putting this off and less than excited about the whole thing although I realize that more education is never a mistake. Well, yesterday I got that sit-down conversation that only real friends will give you including a presentation of the research of which school seemed the best choice. Nothing left but to apply and no excuses were accepted so; there you have it!
Had my annual performance evaluation as well which I actually really look forward to. My boss scored me higher across the board than I had scored myself and my one "opportunity" for "growth" (HR mumbo jumbo talk!) was exactly the same item I have identified. And it was nice to be able to check DONE on last year's career goal of applying to an undergrad nursing program! Got that in right at the last moment!
Snow is rolling in so drive carefully and don't forget to intercede in prayer for those without enough food, a warm home or the basics needed for winter. And if you aren't one of those in need of that prayer; a moment of thanks as well.

Monday, December 07, 2009


Happy to say I'm going to work today! I'm feeling almost back to normal except for this horrific sinus headache that nothing is touching. Dayquil, Benadryl, Tylenol, Motrin and any combination therein only helps enough to let me fall asleep at night. Not to mention that enough of this junk starts to upset my stomach. Even my teeth hurt!
The Mr.'s folks seem to be settling in finally. His dad goes back to the doctor on Friday. Dean no longer feels that he has to go to their apartment every single day. He checks in by phone daily and stops in a few times to week and they are doing well.
This weekend was spent mostly at home for me. Still not feeling entirely well so I didn't want to push myself and end up with another sick week. I put some finishing touches on my Christmas decorations (although is it ever really finished?) We hung a few things on the walls that have needed a little something. I remember a while ago Miss Terry took us on a photo tour of her wall hangings, those personal touches really do make a house a home. I hung a wreath over our bed and put our freshly laundered red comforter (thank you Mom) back on. I usually don't use a dust ruffle but this weekend we flipped the mattress and added a green dust ruffle to match our pistachio green walls. I like it! We also picked up a $7 throw pillow from Garden Ridge in red, green and gold with an old fashioned reindeer on it. I've always thought the house in Home Alone was fabulous and I've convinced myself that the master bedroom had some subtle Christmas decorations. Maybe I made the whole thing up.
I dragged myself to the hair dresser Friday evening but haven't done my hair since trying to hold off the first washing to protect the new color but this morning I'm looking rather like a blond Heat Miser so it's a good thing that a shower is first on this morning's list!
What else can I tell you? I made peasant soup yesterday as well as corned beef slow cooked with red skins, carrots and onions. Yum! Nothing like Christmas decorations and a house filled with good oven scents to usher in the holiday spirit!
Well, that's it for me. Time to hop in the shower and tame this hair (which is literally standing straight up from me running my hands through it massaging my aching head.) Looking forward to getting back into the swing of things at work. On Friday I am venturing out to finish my Christmas shopping. In the meantime, I've entered that season of being very intentional in enjoying the sights, smells and sounds of Christmas and allowing this most sacred time to sweeten my spirit and to rediscover the child's heart of celebration.
Love & joy unto you!

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Nehemiah 8:10
Then he said unto them, Go your way, eat the fat, and drink the sweet, and send portions unto them for whom nothing is prepared: for this day is holy unto our LORD: neither be ye sorry; for the joy of the LORD is your strength.

Saturday, December 05, 2009

1. Worked yesterday; off today. Still not quite up to par.
2. This house is a hot mess; someone needs to clean it. Hello, my name is someone.
3. Mac is off hunting with my dad. He was baffled by the plan to hunt from a condo. "What are we gonna do, open up a window and point our guns at the woods?"
4. Bought a Holiday Berry scented refill for my Yankee Candle plug-in. Smells Christmasy!
5. Time on the couch gave me some time for quiet prayer; a good thing no matter the circumstance.
6. The Mr. headed for Kohl's at 6 Christmas shop. Better him than me!
7. Why does Donny have to lay his heavy hound head on my left arm while I'm typing?
8. Thinking of making a pot of peasant soup and some grilled cheese for dinner.
9. Also thinking of laying around on the couch some more.
10. The big plan for the day is to flip my mattress. Updates to follow.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

I have finally admitted it; I'm sick. Again! It seems like this has been a rough year for me in terms of sick days. I called in yesterday and today. Today it seems I feel a little better though. Yesterday I couldn't even finish my coffee! AND I cancelled my hair appointment! I'd like you to pray with me that I can go back to work tomorrow.
The Mr. put up our Christmas stuff so if one has to be stuck at home sick, it's rather a pretty place to recover. On my way home from work Monday I forced myself to stop in at the library despite feeling like some cooties were creeping up on me so I've a lovely stack of books to enjoy. Should I be honest I would tell you that yesterday I didn't even take a shower or get dressed! Yuck! Didn't make my bed, didn't put my dishes in the dishwasher; didn't do nothing but read and sleep! I think my mom came over to return a comforter she washed for me. Not sure.
But sheesh, even after my surgery I showered and made my bed every day! So I guess maybe I really am sick. I promise, however, to shower and put on clean pajamas today. Can't stand to be with myself at the moment! Afterward I can't promise much more than a book and a nap but it's a step in the right direction. I don't think it's the flu, feels more like an upper respiratory situation.
That's all the news from this end of town. I am about to pour a second cup of coffee and read a few more chapters then head for the shower. I'm taking baby steps, I'll shower but I don't see much blow drying and styling in the immediate future!
Take care, cover your cough and wash your hands!