Saturday, September 09, 2006

In Need Of Physical Healing

1. Grace Mink stomach problems, chronic ear infections & abnormal bloodwork
2. Eleanor Gerhardstein elderly, stomach and head ache
3. Jay Smith Celiac Disease
4. Arlene Wilburn cancer
5. Fred Moss multiple blood clots & aortic aneurism
6. Daniel Mullin cancer
7. Marty Smith diabetes
8. Michele Ray pancreas problems
9. Maggie Smith fibromyalgia
10.Jeremy Schossau diabetes


Tonya said...

Amen, I will be printing this list, and praying for all.. Thank you for all that you have done for me Sara. I really am appreciative of this. It is going to help us to have a church family that loves us, and will pray for us. It is nice to know that we are not carrying this burden alone.

Margie said...

Jon Flowers - cancer

All those who need their hearts healed, as only the love of Jesus can

Deb said...

Father, even though I don't know these people, I thank You for the opportunity to pray for them -to touch Heaven on their behalf and lift them up to Your throne. I ask that You touch each one, Grace, Eleanor, Jay, Arlene, Fred, Daniel, Marty, Michele, Maggie and Jeremy. You know the details of each of their situations ---I pray that You work out each detail for Your glory. From the top of their heads to the souls of their feet, infuse them with Your healing power. May they feel Your presence and know that You are working in their bodies. I praise You for the good reports that we will hear as a result of all of us praying for them --for Your Word tells us that if two or three agree as in touching any one thing, it shall be done. We stand in agreement for their healing and thank You for the answer. In Jesus' name, amen.

dawnaj1958 said...