Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Whatsoever Pesto

 Today's whatsoever thing is pesto!  I love pesto and after having pesto flat bread pizza in Traverse City I decided to come home and make some. Daboyz love it too, the Mr. not so much.  But it could not be easier and if you love fast fresh and homemade...pesto is your answer! 
You just need fresh basil, olive oil, Romano or Parmesan cheese, garlic and a little sea salt.  Most recipes call for pine nuts but I don't use 'em. 
What do you do with pesto you ask?  You can make flat bread pizza, lasagna, spoon it over fettuccine, make a pasta salad, whatever you want!  Look at this lovely dish for example!

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Robin in New Jersey said...

Hi Sara. Found you via Debra.

I don't use pine nuts in my pesto either. I have 3 basil plants growing on my deck. It's time for some pesto!