Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Whatsoever things...TJ Maxx

I love TJ's!  No so much their clothes, it's their home goods....oy, the homegoods!  Great prices on higher end brands.  Unusual stuff that isn't a cookie cutter version of the what every other store has.  Even some food stuffs like gourmet oils and herbal teas.  It's my favorite go-to when I want to buy someone a little gift without spending a ton of money.  Also my favorite go-to when I want a little gift for myself!  I'm tellin' ya, Jesus gave us TJ Maxx!  LOL!


Pat said...

You forgot to mention that your very own mother was once employed by TJ's. Yes, it is a wonderland of home goods. Speaking of which, I also love Homegoods!

Mrs. Mac said...

By far my favorite store too. Sometimes I find clothes there instead of grabbing something off the big ole pile of STUFF at Costco.