Saturday, June 28, 2008

Happy Thoughts Today

1. No weekend working for a month.
2. Vacation in a week.
3. Finally have a pony tail.
4. Gardening.
5. All caught up at work, for the moment.
6. Not wearing foundation in the summer.
7. Grateful that I live here; no floods, no earthquakes, no tornadoes...
8. The biggest problem with my kids is that they are always hanging around.
9. I had a giant bowl of corn flakes for breakfast.
10. Going here later.


Trish said...

A list of blessings, for sure!
I love English Gardens!
Have a great weekend at home!!!

Mrs. Mac said...

To be fretting over number 8, really now ;)

Are you a club member at the nursery? They offer a two year guarantee on shrubs and trees! Not that I'm implying you will kill them ... just sounds like a great deal :)

Enjoy your weekends for the next month and your vacation ...

Jada's Gigi said...

Gardening is getting a hold on you isn't it? :) Have fun in the sun.