Thursday, June 05, 2008

Post & Run

The weather has finally turned toward warmth and sunshine in Michigan so I'm taking advantage of it and spending far less time in front of the computer lately. It seems I am never quite done buying one more flower pot or planting one more seed or just sitting outside enjoying the fresh air.
This week at the hospital has been busy as well. My mom's garage sale is next week as is Father's Day and I'm working this weekend so I don't expect to be doing a whole lot of writing in the next several days either. I do stop by every one's blogs even if I don't comment to check in and see what is happening in your worlds.
I planted sunflower and pumpkin seeds around here although I suspect the birds have already made brunch out of them. We'll see. The petunias I hung are making me nuts. They are green and have a ton of buds that never quite open and blossom. I have watered them, Miracle Growed them, pruned them...I'm stumped. I specifically bought them with the theory that ANYBODY can grow petunias! My neighbors have beautiful ones on their front porch.
My grape vine, under Tom's tender care, is thriving. Maybe he can tend to my petunias? It's wonderful see the old vine coming back to life. Next I need to tackle the flora and fauna along my southern fence line. It's several different kinds of bushes and I like the unplanned informalness of it but it's become a jungle out there. Frankly, the Mr. and I don't have any idea how to trim it properly but it needs doing so I guess we'll dig in and hope for the best! Meanwhile, my mom is all about Topsy Turvy Tomato planters. She has been on the hunt on foot and by internet only to notice that my neighbor has about four of them. Upon inquiry, we find out they were purchased about four blocks from my parents' house! Well, the Topsy Turvys have been secured including one for me. I'm hoping that they are prefilled and I am not altogether sure they really work. It seems like a mad science experiment. Something about growing upside down and watering from beneath which is really above. I don't get it.
We've been grilling every night and doesn't everything taste better on the grill? We've had sword fish and salmon burgers and tonight is kielbasa. In Michigan, you have to soak up every drop of temperatures above fifty. Tomorrow's forecast is +90! It's muggy and my make up slides off of my face within an hour and my hair is not worth fighting with but it's still beautiful.
So that's the less than exciting news from this end of town!


Trish said...

Are your petunia's getting lots of
sunshine? They love it!

Pat said...

I have your Topsy Turvey planter, but it's still in the box. I will deliver it sans plant and dirt.

Mrs. Mac said...

Your end of town is getting more sunshine than our end of the town, state, region ... It's taking FOREVER for my seeds to sprout. Topsy turvy planters would be good for me if I can hang them high enough to keep the wildlife critters from munching them. Enjoy your week.

Saija said...

coming by with a " fly by blessing" sent your way ... and a prayer that God will be seen through you ...


Amrita said...

Hi Sara, thinking and praying for you. God bless you