Friday, May 08, 2009

Friday Book Review

Have put the woman with the freaky memory to the side; just not enough personal information and I've already read the clinicals on her.
Finished "13 Steps Down" which was just a good old fashion psycho killer book. Enjoyable.
Am halfway through "The Writing Class, A Novel" by Jincy Willett. It's about this woman who teaches an extension course in fiction writing at a community college. Within her group of students, who seem like a great class, there is someone who is playing increasingly mean pranks and making threatening comments on the shared stories they pass around for peer critique. Amy, the teacher, cannot imagine who it is and is almost relieved when the college admin finds out and disbands the class. Her students, however, decide that they want to keep meeting informally to continue the writer's workshop. They all know someone among them is "the sniper" but they've decided they don't care. They have convinced themselves and one another that "the sniper" is harmless and think they've identified the person as a socially awkward middle aged woman within their group. Amy, however, is becoming increasingly convinced that this person is dangerous. But how to keep everyone safe without sacrificing what has become a close knit group of friends who are not only a writing club but support system to one another?
At this point one of the group has not shown up for a scheduled gathering but someone has answered his cell phone and reported, "he seems dead." They caller directs the group to a nearby beach and off they go to search for their friend. And...
I don't know. I'll find out tonight after my shower when I crawl into bed for my nighttime read!
P.S. Book on CD "Size 14 is Not Fat Either" is a murder mystery as well. Seems to be the theme. Interesting, entertaining. Good for listening on the road. I'm on the last disc. Gotta make another library run this week! How much do I love that!

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Stacy said...

Your summary intrigued me...let me know if it's worth the read when you're finished.