Friday, July 09, 2010


Home! A much-needed week Up North has come to an end and after six hours to complete a four-hour trip thanks to traffic jams, here we are. I think we are all rested and quieted after seven days tech free. Quiet would be the word for our vacation this year. Dean was preoccupied with his parents and his new job starting on Monday. My uterus is like a compass, it points due North. In other words, ever year I get a visit from my leetle friend right around this time. I spent most of the time with a migraine and feeling generally yucko. We were even less adventurous than usual and rarely strayed away from home. Thanks to blistering heat, no campfires or s'mores this year.
Still, no complaints. We are surely more refreshed than we were a week ago if for no other reason than down-time we wouldn't have taken here at home. It just happened to be a year with issues that wouldn't completely disappear for a week.
So I am happily back on Queen Street with the vacation laundry already laundering. Jay has headed home to do yard work and Mac has disappeared into the basement. Donny has deposited himself in his "hot hole" (a giant hole he dug in the backyard.) Dean is sorting through the week's mail and will shortly go see his parents. Although we haven't been here, this house seems to need a dusting and a little shining. In a way, it feels like we spent a week at home and now we're home. Happy to be in either place.
And who knows? The summer isn't over...there may be a s'more or two in store before the leaves fall!


Diane said...

Sounds like an absolutely luxurious vacation to me! Time to relax, meditate on the Word, spend time alone with God and with family. What could be more wonderful?! So happy you had a such a good trip! Still praying for Dean and for his parents. Much love............

Margie said...

Glad you're home! Email me and tell me about Dean's new job that I need to be praying for :)