Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Get right or get left!

I am too tired to write a lengthy blog so I'll just drop this in your lap.
Was Jesus a liberal or a conservative?



Amrita said...

Neither- He was in a class of His own.

The religionists of his day labelle d him a liberal- eats with the publicans etc.

The rich and easy going called him conservative-(rich young ruler) Many left him thinking his teaching were too hard to follow.

Margie said...

I think he was a lover not a fighter

Trish said...

By today's standards he's Conservative. BUT when He walked this earth he was quite radical! The Jews who lived by the old law (and still do) wanted him gone. Just as the liberals of today want anything that is associated with Christ...eradicated!
It will never happen...He will reign!
We will win!

Mrs. Mac said...

He was neither ... he was PERFECTion in human form. He sought truth .. did not hide from it .. nor place it under a rock.

Times are changing ... and as in the past, humanity has tried to snuff out His light; which is impossible. But, persecution is not new to Him, nor should it be to His believers. Get ready for the persecution of His believers ... it's already started.