Tuesday, January 04, 2011

God is my portion.

This morning I woke up with a thought on my mind, "God is my portion." I googled it and found so many verses that I couldn't narrow it to one that explained what was in my heart. But while I was still in bed, my thoughts traveled from these four words to the Prodigal Son who took his portion of wealth and found it couldn't sustain him.
2011 seems to have come to me with a heart of reconciliation. If there were a theme to my prayers lately, it has been for families to be put back together and for all of us to draw nearer to God. It isn't unusual for Believers to pray for those who are far away from God and in danger of eternity but what I have been meditating on is the sweetness of Jesus and the goodness of dwelling in his temple. By temple I mean each of us, individually, being a place that the Holy Spirit lives and rules. Our hearts beat inside of God's house. Can we comprehend it?
There is therefore no condemnation for those who love the Lord. And perfect love casteth away fear. So why should we be gripped with what we deserve or who has burned their bridges or the terror of our loved ones in hell forever?
God is my portion. And he is the portion of every person. He is what sustains us when, like the Prodigal Son, we have followed our own wisdom until we have found ourselves sleeping among pigs. He is the perfect peace and joy that shouldn't survive inside imperfect warring hearts.
And what of us who didn't wander? Those who remained in the dwelling place of God while others walked away with their own ambitions gripped in their hands like a bag of gold; quickly spent and buying only momentary satisfaction?
We know that no one can take the God that is really our portion. And because we know that we cannot truly be robbed, we can be like the father in the parable. He gave his son the gold he demanded instead of holding too tight and waited in the doorway for his return. I imagine this dad knew that the lesson needed was that his son's true inheritance couldn't be spent away. And the sooner learned, the better. But before he gave his son the money he wanted, he had to be willing to give it up himself. I don't think the father prayed for God to protect his money, he knew the moment he put it into his sons hands it was gone.
If I can begin to know the worth of Christ's blood and the holiness of God, I might find the mind of Abraham or David or Paul...God is my portion.
What more do I need?

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