Sunday, September 30, 2012

Updates about basically nothing

Haven't been around the blogosphere much lately.  After my week-long sabbatical I've found myself drawn to other things...pumpkin spice coffee around the fire pit, reading a biography of Louisa May Alcott and catnapping to name a few!
Or perhaps it's just that my life has been pleasantly boring lately.  Work is busy as ever but really, who wants to recount that after spending eight hours living it every day?  I'm doing my usual trying to remember where I put all of my Autumn decorations.  Menu planning for lots of crockpot meals and recipes to get two dinners from one.  I have apple Scentsies around the house making everything smell loverly. 
The Mr. and I have rediscovered the little gem that is downtown Dearborn.  Practically within walking distance there are so many cute little restaurants and half the time we drive for thirty minutes to find somewhere new to eat.  Silly!  We went to see Trouble With The Curve.  Great movie. 
We got a new little high top kitchen table and chairs.  I have a relatively small kitchen with limited counter space so it provides more work surface at counter height; much easier on my back.  Speaking of my back (girl alert, guys read at your own peril!,) I made an appointment for a surgical consultation to have a breast reduction.  Hoping that is something that can happen in the near future. 
I have a reunion with my Scarf Sisters coming up, then a long weekend in Traverse City with the Mr.  Busy busy busy!  All kinds of happy busy :)
I'm on the hunt for a low heel, square toe cowboy boot.   Love the look of a boot and a pair of jeans.  Speaking of which, I need a new pair of jeans.  Oh Law, that's not a fun adventure at all!
My hair is rather on the long side and I kind of like it.   
And I do believe that gets everyone up to date with the happenings of the Smiths! 


Jada's Gigi said...

I love low heeled boots with jeans too...the look at least...I find that wearing "shooties" (shoes that look like boots with jeans) is easier than wearing my full boots a lot of the time and I get the same look. my hair is a bit on the long side right now too and I'm thinking of leaving it there for now anyway...I too will be seeing my Scarf Sisters soon...looks like we have a lot in common...;)

Mrs. Mac said...

Thanks for the update :) Hope you find the boots and jeans. See you at the Reunion :)