Friday, June 14, 2013

A True Story

So this morning I jumped out of bed in a panic as I remembered that I was the only nurse manager working today!!  My two co workers were both on vacation days as was my boss.  Yikes!  I shot a quick e mail to my boss that I had forgotten everyone else was off (one of my peers is the early start at 6:30) but I was getting going and on my way ASAP.  I got to work at 7:30 and went straight to the staffing office because the nurse staffing coordinator is also on vacation. 
I called every unit to let them know I was there if they needed anything.
I rounded through the entire hospital letting everyone know to give me a call if there were any problems.
I did payroll reconciliation, staffing for all three shifts today, tomorrow and Sunday.
I created staffing sheets to be posted for the off shift.
I checked in with all of the doctors, created and forwarded the weekend admission/discharge and staffing projections.
I completed the budget productivity report for the first half of June.
I checked in on all the units again.
I reviewed interviews for nurses and disposition ed my recommendations to human resources.
I called everyone in the directory to sign them up for open shifts for the next three days.
At about 2:00 p.m., I sent an e mail to the other nurse managers updating them on my (rather impressive) progress during my day on my own.  I told them to enjoy their days off and their weekend.  No worries, I have this all in control!  I didn't even take a lunch!  My left shoe fell apart, I didn't leave to go buy a new pair!  I can't leave the hospital unattended!  I had a pair of tennis shoes in my car which I put on with my dress casual business wear!
Did I mention my sister had a meeting at my hospital this morning?  Did I have a cup of coffee, shoot the breeze, go out for a bagel with her?  No!  I am responsible for the entire hospital!
At about 2:15, one of the managers I was covering e mailed back that one of her staff was willing to work a double.  "Turn off your email!"  says I!  "I've got this, stop working and enjoy your day!"
"But, I'm in my office."
"Huh?"  says I.  "I thought you and Wendy were off today!"
"Nope, she's in her office too.  We were just saying how quiet it's been today."
Good grief! 
I'm exhausted.


Bonnie said...

Oh my gosh, how frustrating! : / You still must have felt pretty good about your accomplishments, though.

Margie said...

Ok sorry but this made me laugh!!