Monday, June 10, 2013

Retirement plans~

We've been shifting into high gear financially so that when the time comes, we are ready for retirement.  This has meant that I've had to seriously consider the "some day" plans I had and decide if they were worth keeping on the list and working into our budget.  Most of them were not. 
I've heard people say that as one gets older, one doesn't need as much.  I'm finding that to be true and to be unfolding quickly in my own life.  Little things like going to the movies don't capture my attention, dinner in restaurants just isn't as satisfying as at our own table.  The Mr. has promised me a new diamond for our 30th anniversary in a few years and just last week, I looked down at my hand and realized, I don't need another ring. 
We have Mac to get through school and then he'll be out on his own.  Empty nesters with simple desires, that's what we'll be. 
Bit by bit, we've planted our yard with perennials and every year our outside budget gets a little smaller because of the progress we've made.  I can't think of any furniture I am hoping for and as for my home, all of the daydreams I have involve little more than paint and maybe some cute new curtains. 
And then, as though to confirm His hand on us, the other day the Lord brought a reminder to me.  Driving to work, the pastor I was listening to spoke about ensuring financial stability by giving to God.  No, this isn't news to me but it immediately caught my attention.  Yes!  We need to invest more in the kingdom!  That was the missing part of the puzzle, the mysterious something I couldn't solve that had me a little worried about our future finances.  Just give it to God, all of it, everything penny.  It's all His anyway.  Sometimes I forget that.  Instead of looking for places to cut corners or developing the discipline of saving or trying to navigate investment and retirement plans, we will put that money into ministries that will reach the world.
That, friends, is a retirement plan that is recession proof.

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Trish said...

You can't out give God! Big hugs!!!