Saturday, June 08, 2013


1.  Feeling very tempted to shorten my hair significantly
2.  I need to get my salad garden planted.
3.  I have many many ideas about the front of my house.
4.  I am pretty much sick of cramps.
5.  Every morning on my way to work, I fight the urge to drive to Fairlane manor and spend the day hiding there.
6.  CRAMPS!  Sorry, I just needed to vent a bit more.
7.  I am not a fan of hot weather, but I wouldn't mind a little less November in my June.
8.  The Mr. bought me an orchid.  Good grief, what am I gonna do with an orchid?
9.  I have needed hairspray for two weeks and can't find the motivation to go to any store that carries hairspray.  Now, if garden nurseries carried hair spray, I'd be all set.
10. Relative to numbers four and six, I am giving Clary sage a try.

1 comment:

Mrs. Mac said...

I've needed hairspray for three weeks .. I guess I won't be visiting you anytime soon ;)