Tuesday, October 22, 2013

October babies~

Susan with her red velvet cake and Mac with his banana pudding (made with love by Susan!)

Last night The Family came over for our October birthday dinner honoring Mac and his girl Susan.  We also realized that Susan has been here in Michigan for one year...wow!  Time has flown by since we met this sweet young woman from Vermont.  Now, I can't imagine our family without her.  The birthday babies requested lasagna for dinner and my dad brought over ribs from the boar he hunted last week-those prepared with love by my mom.  Since it was a work/school night, it wasn't a long evening but still, Family time is always precious.

I've finally settled into my new work life.  After much thought and prayer, I chose not to continue with hospice.  I am remaining in a contingent position at Kingswood where I have been blessed with the opportunity to do aspects of the job that I love but I am no longer a manager so the 24/7 day a week call is a thing of the past.  It's the best of all worlds and I feel completely peaceful and so grateful for this blessing. 

One of the best things of this "new" job?  It's contingent and so I make my own schedule which means I am off today.  I knew I'd be tired after last night's celebration so I gave myself a short work week and I'll go in tomorrow for a three day week.  For a homemaker-at-heart, I am finally feeling my life is in balance!

I hope all is well in your neighborhood today, as it is in ours.  My plans for today are a load of laundry and relaxing with a good book. 


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Elizabeth said...

sounds wonderful! I have also been a homemaker at heart,even though I loved my jobs, I always enjoyed my time at home and had to learn to balance the two.