Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Home alone~

On Monday, I was home with a bit of a cold and one of my absolute favorite things happened...I was alone.  I love being home alone.  The Mr. was at work and Mac was off with his girl for the day and it was just me in my little house all alone.
Ahhhh.  Lovely.
I didn't feel well enough for doing anything productive, didn't even feel like reading (made my head hurt.)  I just sipped hot cups of tea with lots of honey and looked around my house and sort of drank it in; the tea and my surroundings.  I didn't turn on the television or the radio or play music.  All of the kids and adults in the neighborhood must have been otherwise occupied with school and work because it was blessedly quiet.  Just the wind in the trees, the wind chimes on the garage and sweet sweet peace. 
On days like this, if I listen closely, I can even hear the train whistle from Greenfield Village. 
I feel a bit sorry for people who crave something to do, or to see or to hear.  I've learned to feel quite blessed that I don't get bored very often.  Even though I had a sore throat and a headache, it was such a nice day, really.  Just home alone.
And happy.

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Crown of Beauty said...

I can definitely relate to this post. I love being alone at home too! Beautiful post - hearing the train whistle from afar when everything is quiet gives me such a wonderful feeling.