Saturday, October 26, 2013

1.  I cannot believe it but I'm out of coffee!  Luckily, I had some Starbuck's instant hidden away (and it's much better than regular old instant; which is gross.)
2.  We're going to Moro's for dinner for our anniversary this evening.
3.  I got most of the Autumn yard work done and then the weather turned COLD COLD.  The rest might not get done. 
4.  As I do every time this year, last night I started reading the Mitford series again.  When that's complete, it'll be the Little House books and then the All Creatures Autumn and Winter reading schedule.
5.  I'm already looking forward to the holidays, it'll be time for the Christmas tree in a month.
6.  This blustery weather makes me think of making Snickerdoodles.
7.  While cleaning out the garage, the Mr. found a box of DVDs-old movies!  Yay!
8.  We're going to Traverse City in a few weeks for a late anniversary get away. 
9.  Time for another cup of instant coffee ;)
10.  Have a beautiful weekend.

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