Saturday, January 31, 2009

Don't Forget

1. to remember to pray today.

2. to remember to taste God's Word today.

3. to remember who loves you.

4. to remember who needs you.

5. to remember that no part of your life is not your ministry.

6. to remember to take care of yourself for the sake of those who would suffer your loss.

7. to remember to laugh really loud, preferably at yourself.

8. to remember to do your housework with joy, you have been provided a home.

9. to remember to say grace when you eat.

10. to remember upon whose finger the earth spins.


Trish said...

I remember!!!

Louise said...

I 'member too Thara!

Deb said... "taste" God's appropriate a phrase...
His Word, after all, is our Bread of Life!