Sunday, January 04, 2009


The start of the new year leaves many people re-examining their lives including their relationship with God. I'm not so sure salvation bears the importance it used to even for those who call themselves Christians. By salvation I mean that moment when you became truly God's. When you admitted your own sins and need for redemption. The acknowledgement of the God of the Bible. I see a lot of people today who define their relationship with God as a journey. That's not wrong thinking, but I worry that the destination is like the horizon...they never get there. Without salvation the fullness of God's purpose cannot be revealed in the individual. So I invite you this week to join me for a week's worth of discussions on the topic of salvation. Feel free to join in with your own posts for one day or all five. I've got a sort of daily topic I'm going to use to start my own thoughts. Maybe this week you'll be an inspiration to someone who is seeking or struggling. I suspect we will all learn from one another and end the week better off than we started. I hope you take this week to dedicate your blog in some way to the idea of reconciliation with God.

Monday: My own moment of salvation.
Tuesday: Witnessing.
Wednesday: When it's been hard.
Thursday: What I believe.
Friday: An invitation.

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Trish said...

I'm in...will try to write something everyday on each of your topics. This should help each one that participates...come on gals give it a whirl.
Let's start 2009 giving Glory to the Lord!