Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Homefront

Psalm 29:11 The LORD will give strength unto his people; the LORD will bless his people with peace.

Wow, has this blog gone lame or what? Sheesh! We are still not back to our old routine nor have we figured out our new routine! It seems like by the time I've worked, taken care of our house and tried to help with The Folks, I forget that blogs even exist. Plus I've not much of interest to say!

Mac left yesterday to go hunting with my dad. Dean and I spent all day at the new apartment trying to help sort through approximately 3,000 giant boxes and cram them into 500 square feet. No, it can't be done. And no, the Mil has not accepted the fact that one doesn't need 20 "good" water glasses and 20 "everyday" water glasses. She has a soup pot large enough to simmer a human being that fits no where and presently resides on top of the dryer. And where does one store 3 punch bowls in an efficiency apartment? And...why? Yesterday we spent a good amount of time trying to explain that it might be time to discard her "pretty statues." By this I mean actual statues, like in the zoo gardens! Apparently we need these.

The Fil is confused and worrisome. Can't relax or sleep with the noise of the apartment. It's not even a particularly noisy place but it's not a senior facility either so people come and go and talk and watch television late into the evening. The stairs to the second and third floor are at their door so all the foot traffic is clearly audible. His dementia makes him that much more fearful not understanding why there are people right outside their door. He also can't really understand that they do not own the entire building, gets frustrated that he's not allowed to look upstairs. He is forever trying door handles and playing with locks. Somehow two stove burners were turned on with a box sitting on the stove top causing a small fire. The Mil is not open to discussion about the dangers of the situation. Yesterday she told her sister they would be living there for about three years before moving to the senior apartments. This is disturbing to The Mr. who was planning to move them as soon as possible, less than six months for sure.

As for around here? I am doing home therapy! While everything else is kooky, I de-stress by keeping my surroundings organized and happy. This morning Dean awoke with a flat tire and so took my truck to church leaving me stranded (I am not going to spend six hours there like he does!) So I happily stayed behind to do a little housework, watch an old movie and light some candles. Did me good. Going to make kielbasa and sauerkraut for dinner and really don't plan on leaving the house until work in the morning.

I bought a bag of cinnamon pine cones at Bed, Bath & Beyond which smell WONDERFUL. Putting them in a basket on my kitchen table and daydreaming of holiday decorations and looking forward to Christmas carols which I will listen to starting the day after Thanksgiving.

Happily, at this point in our lives we have gained a little wisdom. We're trying to choose our battles; our ideas of a better life and The Folk's ideas have not yet found a compromise but we are taking it as it comes. We know to be good to one another instead of venting on one another. We're keeping things at home sweet and peaceful so we have a respite. Movies and popcorn on the couch after a long Saturday does a world of good.

So happy Sunday to you all! Please bear with me as I figure out this phase of life! Your prayers have been so appreciated and surely have sustained us when we could have despaired.

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