Monday, November 02, 2009

Jesus take the wheel!

Well everything actually did not go.
We got a phone call this morning that the paperwork for the lease was not quite going through right and that we should wait a bit before coming in to sign it. Dean and I decided that was not acceptable so we drove to the apartment complex to try to light a fire under the manager. They submitted the original paperwork and then did not update it when there was a change so now the folks are not qualifying for this senior housing as they originally thought they would. We are pretty frustrated because we checked, double-checked and called constantly to make sure everything was ok.
The Mr. & I spent the entire day running from the apartment to the bank to Great Grandma's house and then hauling the folks all over to try to start this six month process over from scratch and try to push it through in a matter of hours. Dean's poor dad has no idea what's happening only that he's moved away and now doesn't have a house to live in.
At 2:00 p.m. the lease still was not approved. I informed the management that we have moved two elderly disabled people 700 miles and have everything they own in a moving truck in front of our house. This is not ok.
So tonight the folks are sleeping again at Great Grandma's house. The manager of the apartment building is working diligently and we are hoping to hear good news by 11:00 tomorrow morning.
Needless to say there is frustration and worry all around. We trust in the Lord and know he has plans to give us good things but we need some info! Ha ha!
Please pray with us. Right now these poor people don't have a home or even an address to forward their mail, open a bank account or transfer their medical insurance.

UPDATE: As of 3:00 on Tuesday afternoon, we have made no progress. If the moving truck is not returned at 9:00 tomorrow morning, additional fees will start to accumulate on that as well. Feeling discouraged.


Louise said...

Well have mercy Father!
Lord we ask You now to move heaven and earth and management at this apartment complex so that these dear people can get moved & settled into their new home quickly. Do a work that defies understanding and may all glory be Yours. Amen.

Constance said...

Father God,
You are not the author of chaos but of calm, peace and orderliness. I ask that you move this process along efficiently and in a timely way. Please give your peace that passes all of our human understanding. Keep tempers from flaring and that may you be glorified in all of this. We entrust this process to your mighty hands and bless your name for going ahead of this situation and opening doors!
In Jesus' Name,

Trish said...

Lord...You control all things. Open doors, hearts and minds...
In Jesus Name,

Trish said...

Just checking in...thinking of you!
Praying too!

Mrs. Mac said...


Lord, please unscramble this jumble! Amen.

Please post an update.

Deb said...

Okay - I have been following this progress and rejoicing as I've been reading all along about how God has worked. And now I'm reading this post about the confusion with the lease. Here's what I know. God is not the author of confusion - quite the opposite - He has it all in His hands. I'm trusting that His perfect plan will be revealed and that this whole situation will bring glory to His name! ....just sitting here praying and waiting to hear the good report!