Saturday, November 28, 2009

I don't understand...

1. Shopping on Black Friday
2. Going to bed with a dirty kitchen
3. People who say, "you know how I feel" but won't say, "I love you."
4. Not drinking coffee
5. Why I overeat
6. Sleeping until noon
7. Christmas specials on DVD, doesn't that make them not special?
8. Having ungroomed nails (gross!)
9. Waiting until the light comes on to put gas in the car
10. People who don't like to read


Trish said...

I don't understand it either!
That could be my list!

Kell said...

4. I don't drink coffee because I cannot have caffeine. Thank you TMJ.

9. I wait until the light comes on out of pure laziness and the fact that I HATE pumping gas. I always hope Michael will see the light and get it for me.

Amrita said...

Oh yes Sara

Debra said...

Hee... I don't understand most of those things, too. Although, I can no longer drink 'real' coffee because it gives me horrible headaches (trust me, it was a sad day when I gave it up). But I do have the occasional decaf and every day I drink homemade hot chocolate.

As for the Christmas specials thing, I'll have to think about that one. I have a nice collection of Christmas movies which I enjoy, though I usually watch them in January, just to be contrary. :) Great post! Blessings, Debra

Stacy said...

I understand that you have a wonderful husband who ALWAYS puts gas in your car FOR you, lol! I do not, so THAT is why I wait until my light comes on!! :) Unless it's the wonderful occasion that Michael is with me and purposely gets gas FOR me because he knows I hate doing it!! Love that!