Thursday, August 19, 2010


Headache started yesterday at work and got worser and worser despite taking Ibuprofen. Last night I went to bed with it thinking surely it would be gone this morning. Up at 4 and guess what?
So I've called in, which I don't like to do. Was sitting here hoping that I would feel better enough to go in late but I feel God telling me that staying home is His will for me today. Why? No idea. But I'm going to be still and let Him have the day.
Even if He isn't managing it according to my plans.


Patty H. said...

Ugh! I hate headaches. Will say a prayer for you.
Patty H.

Margie said...

I woke up with one too! mine is all stress all the time

Debra said...

Ack! Praying you're feeling better and have been able to find the cause so you can avoid it in the future. :) (I have become so big on prevention. You don't even want to know...) Blessings, Debra