Thursday, August 12, 2010


As you might guess from the lack of new posts, we have been busy of late. Dean's parent's will be moving in a few weeks to a senior citizen's apartment complex and last week they started in-home assistance. Hopefully after the move the Mr. can relax a little bit and we can find some kind of normalcy around here. The physical time spent along with the constant preoccupation with their situation can take its toll on our usually relaxed home life.
Speaking of that, tomorrow we are running away. Well, we are going away for the night. That's about all we can manage at the moment but you gotta grab the moments when you can! We're just going to Birch Run and Frankenmuth. Not very far but far enough to re-focus a bit and hopefully even to recharge. There's something about getting out of town that seems to give you permission to forget the "real world" for a minute or two.
This evening it's band practice for the Mr. and I'll do a little housework and then treat myself to a pedicure. By which I mean give myself a pedicure. We'll sleep in just a bit and then on the road for a little shopping, a little eating and a little romance *wink*.
See ya later!


Pat said...

Stay away from the Fudge Shoppe!

Mrs. Mac said...

oooh .. Frankenmuth :) This town was considered as a prime location for the Scarf Sister's Reunion. Maybe another year. Glad you've got the 'folks' set up to move into a senior citizen's apartment. Hang in there ... I'm sure you're on your knees in the prayer closet often.

Jada's Gigi said...

Hope you had a blast!