Friday, November 01, 2013

I need a little Christmas...right this very minute!

I always adhere to the no decorations until after Thanksgiving rule, but this year, my resolve is being tried!  I'm so anxious for the holiday season!  It doesn't help that I found some adorable little curtains on clearance in red and green plaid for my bathroom.  AND a deep red comforter (also on clearance) for my pistachio green bedroom.  I even put Christmas music on while I was in the yard last weekend!  I absolutely believe that keeping the season limited is what makes it special, the waiting and sweet anticipation is part of the fun.  It's taking all of the self discipline I have not to just put up my smaller tree in the living room this weekend.  I keep telling myself, I could put it up with the lights and a few little autumn leaves in the branches and it's a Thanksgiving tree!  Right?  I can't promise that won't happen.
When do you start your Christmas decorating?


Pat said...

My decorating starts when you come over and do it!

Mrs. Mac said...

I told the Mr. to put down on the calendar today .. when we will go in the backyard to cut down a Christmas tree. That's when we will begin decorating >> probably mid December