Saturday, May 05, 2007

An Emotional Week

1. Worried about friends.
2. Hopeful for the same friends.
3. Joyous at God's goodness.
4. Tired...constantly.
5. Frustrated with Christians who don't have crazy faith.
6. Sad for Christians that don't have crazy faith.
7. Happy that Mars is back to work and healthy again.
8. Humbled that God might use me.
9. Afraid that my house was going to burn down.
10.Crushin' on my Mr., despite his part in item #9.


tina fabulous said...

what is with all the non faith havers!?

Deb said...

we ALL need to have crazy faith!

we sll DON'T need housefires!

we just all need SOULFIRES!!!
Bring it on Lord!

...praying for you still, as you minister to your friends....

tina fabulous said...

having now heard the tale of the fiery smiths, its a very close second to "smith happens".

Kell said...

I need to know how your house caught on fire!

Sara said...

the tale of the flaming smiths will be posted tomorrow evening at sundown. as is appropriate.

Tonya said...

Are you at least feeling better?

Mrs. Mac said...

Are you at the end of your rope?