Monday, May 28, 2007

Hang On Kelly, Kelly Hang On!

This is Kelly whose blog you will find at your right by clicking on kellerbell. She is holding our graduating boy, Mac. This was back in the days of children's church and Christmas cantatas, specifically, Twinkle and the Allstar Angel Band.
Why, you might wonder, is a teenage Kelly in this production and holding this angelic little one? Because he was bad. Very, very bad.
Kelly actually held this kid for roughly two hours, through the entire play. It was the only way to ensure he didn't ruin Christmas and make the Baby Jesus cry.
It's true. Mac was a bad boy. Very, very bad.
I think there were times in his life when only Kelly loved him. Certainly she was the only one willing to stand there in a children's Christmas program holding him for two hours and wearing a white sheet cut into an angel robe so she'd blend in.
By contrast was Mac's older brother, Jay. Jay was Joseph in this particular production. Ah, what a sweet Joseph he was at that! Never a moment's worry did I have about Jay! He didn't require a personal prison guard. No, he just did what came naturally...was adorable!
Mac. Oh Macky. There was a time when I was seriously worried about his soul. Now I look at this picture of Macky and Kelly and think about the fact that we are never so alone and hopeless as it seems.
Like Jesus, Kelly loved Mac enough to hang on tight with loving arms when he would've walked himself right into another spanking and off the stage. She (and her sister and her father) also held him close so Kelly's mom, Pat, could cut his hair as he hollered and fought. There were lots of Jesus-people in that little boy's life that saved him from even more beatings from me.
I'm so grateful for a loving savior who takes the bad little kid in us and loves us into better people.
And man, am I grateful that Kelly had strong arms.

Isaiah 65:2 All day long I have held out my hands to an obstinate people, who walk in ways not good, pursuing their own imaginations-


tina fabulous said...

i cant help but notice that i am suspiciously absent from this picture.

i am, however, in possession of the video, which i stole from the church library. (in your face, jerks!)
macky was in a league of his own. i was always very impressed with his various shenanigans.

ps have you noticed that twinkle and the allstar angel band fits perfectly into sgt. peppers? cuz it does.

Pat said...

Did you notice how low Mac's halo fits on his head and how high and nicely placed Kell's is....that speaks volumes. Mac was privileged to even be given a halo!
Thankfully he "grew" into deserving one!

Amber Land said...

I remember that play, and something about twinkle, sparkle, glimmer, glisten...I'll spare you the rest of what is dancing in my head. Sweet Macky, now I have my own Mac.

Margie said...

I am thinking that all that holding down for haircuts has him now rebeling...

He's a great kid. He looks like he is going to cause some trouble in that one picture with Jay.

MSU gal said...

don't blame mac.
blame me
it was the pinpoint puncture
wound that done it!