Saturday, May 26, 2007

Top Ten Meme

1. British accents give me a headache.
2. I love anything that smells green.
3. I HATE talking on the phone. I mean it. Don't call me Chris. Seriously.
4. I love deeply; express it poorly.
5. I have sock monkey sheets on my bed right now. I wash them and put them right back on.
6. I rarely listen to the radio or cds in my car. I like the silence.
7. I know the lyrics to every song ever written, can't sing a note.
8. I always feel like I should be doing something else.
9. I have developed a mid-life ice cream addiction.
10. I believe in love at first sight.


Kell said...

I see you have developed the Meszaros ice cream addiction. My grandma had it, my dad has it, several of my uncles have it, Madison has it, and I've had it for years. I guess that explains the size of my butt.

Pat said...

1. I can't believe that Kell has left a comment - see the power of ice cream.
2. Speaking of ice cream - I won't buy it because I can't stop eating it....drat those Meszaros genes.
3.Don't call me, and I won't call you...I too hate talking on the phone...once again drat those genes.
4. I also like silence, I can drive to the cottage (4 hours) in perfect silence. More drat.
5. I also know the words to every song, but since "old timers" has set in I now sing them to a different tune..
Aren't you glad your heading down the path that becomes me? HA!

Margie said...

me too on #10, because I knew I loved you the first time I saw you!

MSU gal said...
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MSU gal said...

MY KEYBOARD BROKE and it is next to impossible to type.

love the monkey sheets (for you, of course)

B-girl has an "ice-cream problem" too! is that Mezaros by association?

tina fabulous said...


you truly did invent me.

KayMac said...

you always have the best lists!