Tuesday, May 01, 2007


In the new and exciting post-modern communication stylings of blogs; what is the proper etiquette for blog liars?
The blogs I list at the right are those that belong to people I know and love, if not necessarily that I have met. In addition to these are blogs saved on my bookmarks that I check out regularly, and then in boredom I sometimes simply do a random blog hop. Oh, lest we forget, there is also the occasional drop-in-commenter whom I invariably click on to see what they're all about; on this blog and all of yours as well. Yes, I'm so lame I read the comment section on everybody else's blogs and then I read the blogs of the commenters. This is why I don't have time to work out.
It is not unusual for me to run across blogs that are clearly fabricated, exaggerated or in some cases, hijacked from someplace else. I've seen old comedy routines written as first hand experiences and obscure quotes claimed as original.
Then there is the blogger whose prose is so clearly embellished to present a certain front that it's offensive in its insincerity.
What to do? The real me wants to very badly to expose the blog vandal that I often end up either e mailing those I know personally and then erasing my e mail or commenting and deleting it. Ooohhh I want to confront them!
What do you guys think about bloggers that just won't be real?
And don't hand me that crap about "how do you know it's not real?" because a. I have actually done searches on things I suspected were blog-lifted from another source and b. I have super powers and cannot be deceived.

Anyway, you may now comment and I will continue to police the world at large.
Carry on.
Proverbs 16:13Kings take pleasure in honest lips; they value a man who speaks the truth.


tina fabulous said...

is this about that post i wrote about how cs lewis stole the whole "narnia" idea from me? because that totally happened!

actually, i made up or stolen everything i've ever written. i'm sorry that i've deceived everyone. i just wanted attention.

Tonya said...

You are too Funny...I love you!

Mike Edwards said...

I say call them out!!! Unless of course it's me. Then just shut up and leave me alone for crying out loud. What do you people want from me? GOSH!

Jada's Gigi said...

unfortunately its their blog, there are no blog police and they can really just say whatever they want to...so can you by the way..so comment away if you feel the need to call them out...of course you could start a blog war then and get snarky comments left anonymously on your posts...:)

Pat said...

I say this in most sincere Christian love ~ put their plagiarizing, copy-catting little selves in stocks and on their foreheads write the letter "P" which stands for phony! Do you think that's too harsh?
Seriously, we all run out of original thoughts from time to time, and there's nothing like a well written story or quote, I just think it would be much more 'real' to give the true identity of the material that you've used as your very own, then to leave it to appear as though it was yours originally - except for Tina. Bloggers for the most part are people who like to read - HELLOOO- that means we recognize that witty little ditty written cuz we've read it before! I'd rather read something boring and ordinary then an obvious sticky fingered blog...plus it aggrivates me that you think I wouldn't notice!
KayMac even identifies the source of her pictures, for goodness sake!
Now that's honest!!

Deb said...

now you've got me wondering if I've plagiarized anything lately...

Margie said...

I think you're making that up :)

Mrs. Mac said...

Stop blog hopping and go back to the gym (lol)

tina fabulous said...

i like to think of it as second-hand realism.

did i ever tell you about the time i was asked to be part of an elite task force of highly trained government agents to save the entire world from alien invasion?