Saturday, May 19, 2007

I'm Proud Of...

1. My kids.
2. Graduating nursing school with honors.
3. My marriage.
4. My heritage.
5. My writing.
6. My new pink bike.
7. My hair when it's big.
8. Being the clinical coordinator of my unit.
9. My church.
10. My Mr.

Tag, you're it...what are you proud of???


Pat said...

I'm proud of...
1. Being an American
2. My family
3. My German/Hungarian roots
4. My Chicken Paprikash
5 My friends - not a clinker in the bunch.
6. Landing a good job after being a homemaker for 30+ years.
7. being so humbly fact I think I feel a blog coming on about the very subject!

Margie said...

1. Phyllis
2. Overcoming being the white trash of my family
3. Graduating from college at age 33 (my goal was 35)
4. My church
5. Fuel
6. My friends
7. That I can cook for 100 people, $2.60/per person including all the paper products & food for a fundraiser.

Mrs. Mac said...

OK, I'll play along, but Pat and Margie only listed seven things and Sarah listed 10 (lol)

I'm proud of:
1. Being a daughter of THE MOST HIGH
2. Making the most of EVERY situation (well almost).
3. My sticky chicken wings (family/friend favo)
4. Being happily married for 26 years to my dh.
5. Giving my children the best years of my life to make known the Good News of the Gospel of Christ.
6. Making a nutritious, tasty meal from flour and water (a bare pantry).
7. Knowing when to say no.
8. Being a "Keeper At Home" (homemaker).
9. Being a problem solver.
10. Finding a special needs summer day camp for Nathan ...