Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Just Shopping In The Basement

Well I'm still working with my mom's laptop so bear with me. The link below again takes you to my mom's photographic memory lane.
Being a homebody at heart, it's really hard to haul myself off to work each morning when I really want to stay here and enjoy my new nest. I want to cook dinners and cookies and be June Cleaver but in order to buy a new house, one must have a job after all.
The Mr. and I are fortunate that not much will need to be done around here to make it finally ours. Whether he likes it or not, the Mr. seems stuck to live in a house where I am surrounded by the furnishings of my childhood. "Do we need to keep this?"
Yes it was on The Farm.
"What about this?"
Yes it was in the bedroom when I spent the night.
"We don't need one of these."
I need that. It smells like my gramma.
You get the idea. I keep telling him how grand it is that we don't need much new stuff. He is actually lucky I keep him around, he's the newest thing in this house!
As I've rearranged and "decorated" I have not spent a dollar. You see, I shop in the basement. My grandparents moved most of the furnishings from The Farm back to this house and simply set it up in the basement. So I just wander downstairs now and again when I feel the need for a basket here or a quilt there. New entertainment center? Hand on a minute. Clomp clomp clomp downstairs.Nah, we don't need a new entertainment center! Look what I found!
And so it goes.
I will admit that I am not entirely trapped in 1974. No, I have retrieved my beloved Bundt coffee pot! And my favorite mugs. And Lord knows my cosmeteticals had to be moved over immediately. It's not about going back in time. It's just about coming full circle. Suddenly, The Farm isn't gone. It makes sense to me. Just smile and nod your head.
Really, you should be jealous. While you're standing in line at Ikea, I just walk downstairs to my own Pier One and think of ways to put a funky spin on some old stuff that my grandparents probably forgot they had.
The Mr., my Bundt, Donny and Pier One all under one roof. Oh, and daboyz still manage to find their way "home" quite a lot.
Gotta go. I need a little something for that corner in the kitchen....

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Pat said...

Once I recover that seat cushion, the "before" picture may still be more appealing, even with the torn fabric in the front.
When is your Internet going to be up and running? I'm running out of pictures to forward.

Trish said...

Like you I am sentimental... our guestroom furniture belonged to my in-laws, the Grandfather clock,
Secretary and Hutch were Tom's Mom's, also I have things on display that were my Grandma's, my Mama's, and several things made lovingly by Tom's Dad. There are also some things given to me by your Grandma. Even our yard displays birdhouses made by Dad and some antique items given to me by your Grandparents. I have Daddy's hat hanging from a peg in our family room.
There is lots more, each item so precious and meaningful.
We are so blessed!

Amrita said...

Glad you moved in nicely. God bless and enjoy your new home

Mrs. Mac said...

Ohh, I'd be having a very tough time deciding what to keep and what to put out for a sale. My whole blog theme (about life's potpourri) is about scents, sounds, and sights that bring one back to a distant time ... enjoy the task at hand ... but don't neglect Dean's input ... it's his house now too ;)

Jada's Gigi said...

How awesome is that!! I love the butcher block farm table!!

Louise said...

I used to could shop in my basement too ... I decided years ago to kind of clean it out and gave much of it away. (I still have some stuff) A former youth minister's wife came to go through stuff one afternoon and took away what she could use. A sister did the same. It was neat seeing what I didn't need go to people who did.
When you shop 'til you drop in your own basment, you can usually find a place to drop into right there!

Gardagami said...

See here or here

Mrs. Mac said...

Are you still in the basement shopping? Come up for air girl ;)

btw don't open the visit the comment above mine ... it's probably a virus.

~Robin said...

My personal favorite place to shop is my parents basement-treasures galore down there!
Love it. Youre a blessing.