Saturday, March 01, 2008

Things You'd Rather Not Know About Me

1. I have perpetually sweaty armpits.
2. My bedroom is a disgusting disaster.
3. I had a mole removed under my jaw but the scar still sprouts hair which I pluck regularly.
4. I know all the words to "The Devil Went Down To Georgia."
5. I am easily bored during sermons.
6. My car is full of stuff that should've been cleaned out months ago.
7. My kitchen table is piled with additional stuff forcing us to eat on the couch.
8. On a regular basis I attempt self-portraits with my camera and immediately delete them shocked at how ugly I am.
9. I have vericose veins in my legs.
10. I have a re-occuring wart on my right thumb that has been removed approximately 600 times. It is not currently there although that thumb is so scarred it no longer has a finger print. Also, I used the knowledge that the wart was on the right thumb to learn right from left in the first grade.


Trish said...

As the words of the James Blunt song say...
You're beautiful, You're beautiful,
You're beautiful to me!

Louise said...

All these things to learn about you Thara ... and I loves ya just the same.

Louise said...

p.s. You are anything but ugly!!!
My Fred was saying last week how beautiful you are and I said, "yes indeed she is". So there.

Deb said...

look at it this way --if you ever committed a crime and left a right thumb print at the scene --you'd get away scot-free.

Amrita said...

Now that the cat 's out of the bag, let me say that I am with you in numbers 5 and 9. LOL