Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Be Here Now

Don't be afraid to do something wacky with your hair. It's hair. You can change it. Put in a pink streak, cut it all off, wear a rhinestone barrette. It is you that is beautiful, not your hair.
Put orange and yellow and pink together somewhere in your life. If you like it, it will lift your spirits. If you don't like it, it will be a silly spot in your controlled life. it's win-win.
Eat a delicious dessert with full-caff coffee after dinner once in a while. It does not make you bad or weak. It does not make you foolish because now you can't sleep. Stay awake and think about how lovely it is to be so sweet to yourself.
Wait until one of those inevitable moments when you say or do something mortifying. Look forward to it. Know that it is coming. Welcome it. When it finally arrives, look it over, examine it, think about it and realize...nobody died. It's ok.
Wear giant fake diamond earrings. Unless you're a man. Never mind, go ahead regardless.
If you get dressed and find your jeans are too tight, put on some sweatpants and realize that you can reverse the process. But only if you want to. You can also buy bigger jeans. Either option is acceptable.
Wear comfortable shoes that are not attractive. Wear fabulous uncomfortable shoes. Decide every day which one you want to do. Don't let anyone tell you which days are which.
If you need something from God and have not prayed or studied your Bible lately, ask him for it anyway. Be bold. Be brave. Be sure that he is not a distant relative who is angry that you haven't called lately. Consider it a moment to realize your faith still drives you back so it is still there. And realize that his love has held him close anyway.


Margie said...

wow! that's a great post!! worth waiting for, but don't make us wait so long next time!!

now i really am going to be brave and fill my house with color!

Pat said...

Where did you get that picture of my foot?

Kell said...

Love this post. I dyed my hair burgundy last night and may add a purple streak. I had pink streaks in my hair last year. I've never really been afraid to do wacky things to my hair. Like you said, it's just hair and it will grow out.

Trish said...

Pat... Kelly took that photo of my foot... like my Easter shoes???
I unlike my daughter [Kell] would never dye my hair the color of an eggplant, I'd still be crying!
Sara... I did have a large cup of fully leaded coffee, no unleaded for me, I also had a big ol' apricot pastry to go along with it!
It was Yummy! No regrets!!!

Jada's Gigi said...

AMEN! good post! love the shoes...couldn't wear them for 5 minutes...Drat! I hate this foot issue I have going on! Yes, be brave...ask Him...God has not left just because we got lazy..:)

Amrita said...

My what stylish footwear. A million mosquitoes are biting me, but I am laughing

Amrita said...

My what stylish footwear. A million mosquitoes are biting me, but I am laughing

Louise said...

There is no way on earth I would put my feet into shoes like these. Due to years of wearing pointed-toes high heeled shoes, I now get to deal with daily foot pain. Shoes that hurt your feet are not worth the pain they will cause down the road. Give me my well cushioned flats and I'm good to go. If only I could have learned that lesson years ago ... maybe I wouldn't have the pain I do today.

Trish said...

Sara... I'm getting tired of looking at that foot!
Come out, come out, wherever you are!
Love you lots,