Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Say Cheese!

Dear People,

Hats off to those of you who allow your picture to be taken and those who take the pictures.
I love photographs. I like ones of strangers that are just beautifully done and I love those of my friends and family even if they are out of focus and goofy. I am not such a fan of posed studio pictures.
Barry takes tons of pictures. And Arlene let him. So there are tons of pictures of her now for them to enjoy and remember her with. They were generous enough to share those at the funeral home. I wonder if they know how that soothed me?
It made me realize something. There aren't all that many pictures of me. Sometimes because I duck out, vanity~vanity. Often because I am the picture taker. Which leads me to believe my husband does not necessarily want pictures of me. I didn't realize that until just now. Clearly, I need to be hurt and perhaps devastated. Will work on that after I finish washing towels.
I was writing a post that would've done nicely with a current picture of me. I don't have one. I have just a few that I keep recycling and upon checking, I think they are all at least a year old.
T~'s mom, Sister Maryann, takes pictures of everybody. Constantly. I am convinced she takes pictures of strangers while grocery shopping to remind her to pray for them. She probably has a recent picture of me now that I think of it. The only way she could have so many pictures is that she obviously hides in shrubbery and snaps them. She is like a Baptist Paparazzi.
Arlene, Barry and Sister Maryann are right. As is Kellerbell although she too is the face behind the camera too often. I don't care if you're having a good hair day or feeling bloated or prefer that people use pictures from 1983 and pretend you have not aged. You are not Rick Springfield and you are not performing at the county fair. Nobody believes you haven't aged. Let us take a picture of you.
I was thinking that if I passed away, the Mr. would have to display pictures of me that would cause people to say, "Who's this chick?" Silliness. Not letting someone take your picture is selfish. I should be honored that someone wants a picture of me. After all, it is no secret what I look like anyway.
Having said all of this, I have nothing wise to conclude with other than photographs are awesome.


Trish said...

I'll send Kellerbell over she loves to take pictures, then she can go home and post a whole page of your lovely self.
I have to warn you though she may have you posed in the snow making snow angels... she comes up with some creative stuff don'tcha know?

Louise said...

I too am the picture taker in the family, but that shall change, God willing. I have a tripod and I shall use it to take pictures of me.
And, I offer my services to you ... would gladly come & take pictures of you. Or, send me your address & I'll hide in the shrubs and get 'em there. Let me know.

Mrs. Mac said...

sara, I had an idea that your cupie doll blog photo was a bit dated. Now you have no excuse ... Trish and Louise have gone and made arrangements for your photo shoots. A snow angel of sara ... now that would be a good one to hang on the wall at the office ;)

Margie said...

I'm the picture taker too! We will go on a trip, I will take 300 pictures, and there will be one of me. No one thinks of taking any of me... that's ok though

tina fabulous said...

she probably has many recent pictures of you, which is scary as well as astonishing. i'll check.
in fact, she probably has a picture of everyone who reads this blog. you just think she doesnt know you.

Kell said...

I actually take numerous self-portraits of myself in which my eyes are closed in most of them.

I guess when I die most people will think that I didn't have eyes.

Arlene - BY HIS STRIPES!!! said...

Sara, I would be honored to take some pictures of you and your family


Amrita said...

I look at my photos very critically, they have to please me first before i can display them.

But I like taking pictures.