Monday, March 17, 2008

Welcome Home! Slideshow

Here we are, home at last!
I have borrowed my mom's laptop and have no idea what I'm doing so let's just hope for the best. The slideshow link above is also courtesy of her photography a few days go. I attempted to put comments on each picture to give you some idea what you're looking at.
We are settling in happily and starting to feel more at home all the time. It's a slow but sweet process combining our stuff with that of my grandparents. Much of what will be given to others has already been removed and what remains we will decide over time. A few items are furnishings from The Farm saved for all these years. I have been claiming them for as long as I can remember and they will stay. The farm table upon which you will see our television was in the kitchen at The Farm. The pie safe with the tin front was there too. There's a fireplace mantle surround in the basement from the living room at The Farm.
Of course, there are other items representing that man that lives here, including his new television. I just wish it was bigger.
We are starting to figure out how we want to decorate and I'll share that as we get going. I have already rearranged quite a bit and I am happy with how everything is starting to look.
Donny is enjoying the yard and spends most of his awake time out there. As usual, with some item in his mouth and often laying in the snow. When he finally comes inside, he tends to lay directly on the hearth in front of the fire. I feel this is ill-advised as I've visions of hound tail flambe'. The Mr. thinks I worry too much. He has also brought many sticks onto the deck where apparently we are storing them. Perhaps to build a dam as the Michigan snow melts. Donny I mean, the Mr. rarely builds dams.
Speaking of the deck, I cannot wait for warm weather because on those mornings you can meet me out there for a cup of coffee. My grampa always had flowers hanging around the deck and I intend to bring his influence back by doing the same. Pictures of that to come.
So the long and short of it is that you can expect to see quite a lot of pictures of the place including this weekend's Easter dinner which we will be hosting. Appropriate I think, a day to celebrate new life.


Louise said...

Congratulations to you dear friend. You have moved into a beautiful home and your presence there will simply carry on what your grandparents began. Very happy for you & the Mr.

I will now call your new home "TharaDean's Place".

Pat said...

We will have to order a welcome mat with "TharaDean's Place" written on it!
You need to get that grape vine producing again too - it's part of the inheritance!

Trish said...

It looks lovely!
When it warms up I'll meet you on
your deck one Saturday morning to share our coffee and make up our Saturday lists. Together we can thank the Lord for His Many Blessings and enjoy the view!

Mrs. Mac said...

You truly are blessed ... to walk where your grandparents have walked, lived and made many family memories. Here's a little 'pinch' just to remind you that you're living a dream ... and it's also St. Patrick's Day ;)

Becky said...

how beautiful! congrats!