Monday, November 10, 2008

Can't See The Forest

So the other day, Trish asked when we put up our Christmas trees. The Friday after Thanksgiving for me. Except uh, this year. Actually this year we went with Election Day. I am still not sure how this happened. I am a firm believer in not starting the holidays too soon. The Christmas season HAS to start after Thanksgiving!
So..what happened?

Mac and I were doing some yard work and then doing some attic exploration and then doing some garage arranging and then...the tree was up. Actually, two trees. And almost lights in the shrubs but there was no electrical out let (how can that be in the home of an electrician?)

In our defense, in the garage was my grandma's Christmas tree that I claimed for our living room when no one else wanted it because this year we have a living room and a family room so I wanted a tree in each room. So we dragged it in to the living room on a whim. But the lights were wonky so we took them off and put on new ones which looked very pretty. And then, why not put her old ornaments on her tree that we inherited? OK! And then, let's go into the attic and get gramma's tree topper! OK! And then in the attic, there's gramma's little table-top tree still decorated from last year (put up just before she passed.) Well! Let's take that downstairs too! OK!

And let's put it on the table and leave her own topper on her own little tree!


And, and, and...

And now we have two Christmas trees in the living room and it isn't even Thanksgiving. And we still have to bring our own tree here from our old old house for the family room.

And, um, did I mention we're painting the living room? Where we already put two trees up?

So!We put our Christmas tree up whenever Mac & I are left home alone with no one to stop us.


Trish said...

Ooooh! I am so jealous!!! You have not 1 Christmas tree but 2 already up...I need me a Mac. Can't wait to see the tree in the Family Room... I will be coming over for a visit when you get it all decorated!!! The living room looks loverly!

Mrs. Mac said...

Oh, you are too much sara girl. Now how will you enjoy Thanksgiving dinner with a Christmas tree staring you in the face everywhere you turn. Note to the Mr. Don't leave sara home alone ;) (Do you realize you have to take DOWN THREE trees after Christmas?)

Deb said...

I can not believe you have put up your Christmas treeSSS already!

You're too much. (oh, mrs. mac already said that. I concur.)

tina fabulous said...

yay christmas trees! they should be displayed for as long as possible. with a few hideous and/or terrifying ornaments, of course.

meili_lo said...

good for you you have 2 =D we don't even have one and probably won't have one. we're in China and they start decorating for Christmas around Dec 18 =D hihihi.

i'm inviting you to visit my blog. would be glad to hear what you have to say =D

Constance said...

I have 2 skinny trees in our bedroom that are up all year! In my defense, our bedroom is decorated rustic and so they fit in perfectly! Last Christmas, I decided to leave the one decorated. It has all of our souveneir ornaments on it that I have collected from various trips. They are moose, cabins, bears etc. Guilty indulgence that i have been able to justify! This morning I will listen to my Christmas music as I (finally) get to take down my Halloween stuff! Nothing like a little "Frosty The Snowman" playing when the windows are wide open on a 75 degree day! ha ha