Friday, November 21, 2008

Greetings From The C.S. Lewis Room

Today I wore a gold sweater to work. This is not an actual painting of me but I believe I was the butt model. I bought my gold sweater at Old Navy and I am enjoying it quite alot and so I am planning on picking up another gold sweater in a different color. P.S. I am a brunette now so I'm experimenting with which colors go with my hair. We went out for a steak dinner (just the Mr. & me, Friday is date night.) We almost have our living room put back together. Need new drapes, haven't found any that call my name yet. It turned out really pretty I must say. I am looking forward to a cup of coffee in my new living room tomorrow. By the way, it's actually my C.S. Lewis room. I put both of my Christmas trees back and they look even better in the C.S. Lewis room.
Next, the bathroom!

Meanwhile I'm tired and on call until 8:00 tomorrow morning and the rest of this house has to be put into some kind of non-chaotic order for maximum Saturday morning enjoyment so I'm off to straighten, change sheets and take a shower.

Happy Friday!


Deb said...

Pictures. I want pictures - of the C.S. Lewis Room, of the new brunette hair, of the gold sweater....or just one of you in the sweater sitting in the room.

...drinking your coffee.


tina fabulous said...

lol... "butt model".