Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Time To Paint

1. Already getting a late start, the Mr. forced me to sleep in.

2. What a mess this makes in the rest of the house!

3. He always underestimates how long this stuff will take.

4. He was already grouching at me last night.

5. Behr has this cool computer program at Home Depot where you scan in your colors and it shows a room done that way.

6. It may have been ill advised to put up two Christmas trees before we painted.

7. I'm hungry.

8. We may have to tie Donny's tail around one of his back legs.

9. I have a sinus headache.

UPDATE ON ALEXA (MARTY & STACY'S DAUGHTER):She will probably spend one more night in Children's Hospital for observation. Dad says she is doing ok, asks us to keep praying. She had a reaction to strep + the first round of antibiotics that causes what looks like bad bruising in her lower extremities. They are watching for kidney or intestinal problems before they send her home. Pray for mom and dad, I'm sure they are worn out and worried. And on their behalf, thank you for praying!


Trish said...

It's going to look BEAUTIFUL!
This rain is the culprit causing all of our Sinus headaches!
I slept late too...felt good!
Praying for Deb!!!!
Love you...tell that Mr. to just grin and bear it...or you're gonna call his Daddy cause "his Daddy's gotta shotgun!"

Pat said...

I'm sure it does't help to have extra furniture belonging to me...sorry about that, and about a zillion holes in the walls from all of grandma's pictures!
Take your time, it will be so rewarding when it's finished!

Deb said...

Thanks for the prayers!!

I think you need a few more Christmas trees.

We don't have a tree. Brillo Man reminded me that we threw away our tree last year when it collaped in a heap. So we'll have to go tree shopping. I saw one in StuffMart that I liked - already has the lights on it. I hate putting the lights on the tree. A pre-lit tree may just cause me to enjoy decorating. (not) ...well, it may be a tad more tolerable.

I'm praying for Alexa.

Constance said...

"So, is that the color you are painting with?"
Connie asks cautiously.

We actually spent ALL day (14 hours) yesterday repainting Laura's bedroom walls and ceiling now that she is married and moved out. It was close to the color in that picture! We are almost finished but not there just yet.

I am SO ready to be done! I am one of those instant gratification types! My Hub is a perfectionist and so HE will paint all of the trim! Yippee! Give me that roller brush anyday!