Saturday, April 25, 2009

the best things

1. warm weather after a cold winter.
2. my favorite scents (freshly mown grass, cilantro, citrus,lilac.)
3. crawling into bed at night.
4. books.
5. laughing.
6. good hair days.
7. an organized office.
8. finishing a project.
9. dogs.
10. coffee (you had to know that would be there somewhere!)


Pat said...

One of my best things...YOU.
Happy Birthday!!

Margie said...

Happy birthday Sara!!

Trish said...

A happy birthday to you...A happy birthday to you. Each day of the year, may you find Jesus near!
A happy birthday to you...A happy birthday to you. And the best year you've ever had!!!
Love you sweet girl!!!

Mrs. Mac said...

A most special happy birthday wish from your nutty scarf sister lost in the North Woods. BTW ... I L>O>V>E the way you've decorated your bedroom! Your list will make a good post to copy ... thanks ;)

Hugs from a wanderer to another wanderer,

Elizabeth said...

Happy Birthday Sara...hope you enjoyed all of your favorite things today!! Oh, and I love your room..very relaxing!

Amber Land said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Love you!

Kell said...

Happy Birthday!

Amrita said...

Love all these immensely.

Amrita said...

Hapy birthday Sara

Jada's Gigi said...

finishing a project has to be a the top of my "best things" list! Love to finish thing!
Happy Birthday, Sara!

Deb said...

See, the best things in life ARE free. ...well, except for the coffee.

And Happy Belated Birthday!!!!! (I'm singing along with Trish!)