Thursday, April 02, 2009

Oh So Pretty!

Do you need to feel pretty? Well, I do. I know it's rather a shallow goal in life but doggone, I want to be pretty! And pretty doesn't come naturally to me. Don't bother commenting that you think I'm beautiful (some of you are already typing aren't you?) Doesn't matter, pretty is in the eye of the beholder and I am the beholder. So I guess you can add vain to pretty.

Twenty five pounds of extra weight has me less than thrilled with my appearance and the answer to that is clear so we'll move on.

I don't necessarily need to be the prettiest person in the room or even to know that other people think I'm pretty but I want to feel pretty. Of course, we all know the enemy number one of prettiness...bad hair. I have bad hair. Charles Manson would be ashamed to have my hair. And I have taken note of people running from the Twin Towers or standing on their roof tops during Katrina and thought to myself, "Their hair looks really good." I have looked at patients and thought that the worst part of a psychiatric hospitalization would have to be the lack of access to styling tools. I'd never look stable enough for discharge! Ironically, I am forever in search of a fabulous do that requires absolutely no effort as I hate styling my hair.

Something magical (and by that I mean dark magic) happened to my face around age 40. It went from marginally acceptable to impossible to figure out. I have dark circles that cannot be hidden. Well, perhaps if I purchased the $40 Oil Of Olay eye care system that I spent 1/2 an hour considering at Target they could be. But within my current beauty budget it's impossible. I have scant eye lashes and I actually have bad eye lash days. Seriously.

I continually change my make-up regime trying to examine the beautiful people on television and mimic their cosmeteticals. One month I will be convinced darker lips are the thing that I need! Next month, clear gloss is the answer! Darker foundation to warm me up or lighter to make me shimmer? And what exactly does one look like when shimmering? There's a lot of promises of shimmering out there but I'm not seeing any difference in the mirror.

Don't get me started on my teeth! I actually (true story) have recurring nightmares about my teeth.

Still, I want to feel pretty. There is no conclusion to this post. I'm just saying...


Pat said...

Could you have dark circles under your eyes because you are almost totally deficient in Vitamin D? Or maybe it's your U.P.O. Have you made those appointments yet?
This is your mother talking...if you haven't please do so..STAT!

Louise said...

Listen to your Mother! Please.

Stacy said...

Is it me, or are the only human beings without dark undereyes under 20, or celebrity types?? What's the deal with undereye issues? So annoying!

Margie said...

yes listen to your mother or i will begin daily email reminders and quite frankly, I don't have time for that, so... since it's all about me... make the appt!

P.S. I love you and even though you said not to... I'm defiant, I think you're beautiful!

Constance said...

I am currently doing the Bible Study on Esther by Beth Moore. It's been great! Remember how those virgins got beauty treatments for a whole year!? Of course all of the ugly ones had already been weeded out so only the nicest looking ones were already in the "program"! Ha Ha!

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like if we were all blind and no one could see what another looked like? Would we be nicer to one another? Then I realize there'd be all of that touching going on and excuse me but I have back fat and rolls so I wouldn't let anyone near me!

Maybe the trick is to find people who are uglier than me so that I actually look pretty good! Hmmm...I might be on to something!

Mrs. Mac said...

Oh, Sara ... that picture you posted is ... well ... quite a picture of 'in the eye of the beholder loveliness'.

UPO ... ?? How about getting more sleep and not stressing out so much??

You know, when I was about forty-five and still coloring my hair ... it started falling out ... and in its place was new hair (baby hair), of course since I colored it I didn't know it was all new gray hair coming in. I also felt panicky about seeing wrinkles. This too shall pass ... a midlife crisis is a good and necessary stop along life's highway. It's one of those ah ha moments that one remembers ... going over the hill that is. Not to say that you're going or are over the hill ... just watch out, you've been fore warned. I'm just saying ... over and out.

Deb said...

Dark circles can also mean allergies. Do you have allergies?!

And yes, like your Mom said - Vitamin D...drink more milk and get out in the sun...take a supplement!!

Oh and by the're beautiful.