Sunday, April 05, 2009

Remind Me Again Why I Love This Guy?

On a pretty regular basis we talk about my hair on this blog. I have crappy hair. Although I am very apt to change my style drastically on a regular basis I think in truth longer is better. I've been told the pony is my best look, which I think is a gentle way of telling me to give it up. True story, I have gotten a headache trying to hold my hair style in place with my scalp muscles.
In fact, Mac best likes my hair when I'm wearing a ball cap.
Anyway, I spend money on my hair. I do. I go to the hair dresser every 8 weeks although it should be six. I give lots of thought to color, which I will also change on a whim. I am drawn to hair jewelry such as headbands and barrettes. Bad hair has more than once made me consider calling off work and yes, I've washed my hair and started all over again. Good hair products don't come cheap. And bottles lie.
I decided to be a good shopper and buy different (cheaper) products last week. Volumizing they claimed. Liars. Anyway, the mousse stuff is marginally acceptable but the hair spray (hair spray is my best friend) is a joke. It may very well be water for all the good it did me. It not only did not volumize as promised but it down-right flattened.
On Saturday we get in the car to do errands and I'm trying to embrace the lesser hair product and tell myself the difference is only noticeable to me. I don't have good hair anyway. But as we pull into the Target parking lot, I can't stand it anymore. I turn to the Mr. and say that I need to buy some hair products. He reminds me that we bought hair products just last week. So I tell him, yeah, I used the new cheaper stuff this morning.
One Mississippi.
Two Mississippi.
"Let's go get you some new hair products."
Just once can't the guy lie and tell me I have great hair? When I'm not wearing a hat?


Stacy said...

He said that because he heard the frustration in your voice, and saw the disappointment on your face, not the lack of fabulousness in your hair!

Louise said...

Why is it that most of us are not happy with the hair we have? Mine is short and greying .. and a tad wavy and I have angel kisses (not cowlicks!) all over my head and when I get up in the morning I look like I have a wavy mohawk, no lie. I look awful. That's one reason I get up before my Fred ... to do something with this hair. I am grateful for this hair, don't get me wrong, it's just that I've wondered how many other women stand in front of a mirror wishing they had hair like .....????

Mrs. Mac said...

sigh ... and take a deep breath!

Margie said...

not going to comment about your hair, i think it always looks good...

Love all the pics of daboyz

Constance said...

Years ago my Hub told me I looked like a sheepdog! NICE! I used to get permanents in my hair because it looked so yucky!

Not that I recommend this but 5 years ago when I was diagnosed by my Oncologist with this stupid auto-immune disease, one of the drugs I was on was a chemo drug. YUP! By the 3rd dosage my hair began to fall out! It was ineffective (at least for treating my disease) so I stopped taking it. What followed was CURLY hair! Not "Carrot Top" curly (man, he is scary looking!) but nice waves! It's crazy because now, I STRAIGHTEN my hair if I want it to look nice!

I am so confused (and so are my hair follicles!)

Trish said...

I have learned through the years that when I find hair products that I like...stick to them!
Although after using Paul Mitchell hair spray for about 15 years. I switched to Bed Head about a year it!!!
I am a lover of hair products...when styling my hair I use a total of 5 different ones! Believe me, I watch my CosmoProf sale paper every month!