Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Our Little Secret

I think, I think, I think...I want to wallpaper our bedroom! There. I've said it. Maybe. Maybe I want to wallpaper our bedroom.
Currently our bedroom has pistachio green walls, which I really do love. The furniture is my grandmother's set and so it's not going anywhere although it isn't something I'd have chosen myself. Of course, the sentimental attachment far outweighs aesthetics so now there's nothing for it but to work with it.
I don't really like wallpaper all that much and by that I mean, not at all. And I really do not like hanging nor removing it. But I'm ready for something different in our room and I just can't put my finger on what I want that would work with the current wall color. Nor any other wall color that I've so far considered. What I know for sure is the the house in the original Home Alone movie is absolutely timelessly beautiful, just look at that picture!
I believe what I'm lacking is an inspiration piece but an inspiration room would surely do. As you know, our house is bungalow/cottage/farmhouse...well, you know. I like to feel like every room has been like it is now since the house was built. Antiques mixed in with the furniture in every room and nothing too matchy matchy. Trendy not spoken here. Sentimental and comfortable rules the day. Add to that something livable. Donny sleeps with us so whatever bedspread we choose has to be, ahem, well, dirty dog colored.
Back to wallpaper, would toile not be lovely? Red or black or brown toile wallpaper. I'd like something with a faded look to it. Something with which you could throw a chenille blanket and be drawn to sink in and read a book with a soft bedside lamp. French country meets shabby chic meets beachfront cottage?
Oh, I don't know. Help a sister out here! The room is small, the bed queen-sized.
What to do?


Constance said...

I am no help whatsoever! We have the rustic look going on around here with a mish mash of ecletic! No rhyme nor reason, I have a husband who actually cares about decor so I have to compromise and aaccomodate him as well!

Debra said...

Oh how wild--- I love the house on Home Alone, too! I never tire of looking at it--some of the shades of colors are a bit dated, but overall, it still holds up to being a beautiful home today. I totally like the idea of toile--red or blue or black, maybe. I've considered using it ever since I saw Lori's house here:


Totally love her house and am planning to copy many of her ideas. :) Just be creative and so some of the things you've always wanted to do. Hugs, Debra

Deb said...

Tea stained walls. That is all.

Louise said...

I like wallpaper. Very much. There is so much out there ... go to the wallpaper store, or look online, and you're sure to find just the right paper for your room.