Thursday, January 14, 2010


I just completed my Thursday evening chores! On Thursdays the Mr. has worship team practice so I use that time to change our bed linens, clean the bathroom, do few loads of laundry and a little straightening. When I came home from the hospital I certainly didn't want to to housework but boy is it nice when it's done.
The Mr. is off on Fridays and we have had the occasional week when I'm tired and lazy on Thursday evening and decide that since he's off, he can just take care of it. That's pretty much always a mistake. Number one he seems to have some kind of visual deficit that makes it virtually impossible for him to see dust, grime, dog hair, tooth paste in the sink or pee on the toilet seat. Secondly, when he does decide to get in touch with his inner homemaker, everything is subject to cleaning via Clorox wipes. And the tub has never, in 23 years, looked like it needed to be cleaned as far as he is concerned.
Plus he usually has some errands to run for the Folks on Fridays. I don't really accept this as an excuse because I am a firm believer in straightening the house before I leave in the morning because I HATE coming home to a messy place. This, not unlike soap scum, does not bother the Mr. So here's what it comes down to-
No matter how tired I am on Thursdays, it's still a better plan to prepare the house for a pleasant Friday evening. Otherwise, my screaming and head spinning around often puts a damper on the start of the weekend.
And that's the way it is.
Now I'm off to read in my crisp, freshly made bed! G'nite!


Constance said...

It's funny how my routine is isimilar. I come home on Thursday afternoons after my last house I clean for the week and promptly scrub the master bath. I need to shower anyway and it just works best if I just get down to the Bare facts if you know what I mean! I was the towels and out fresh ones. Fridays I am off work and so in a little bit after I get off the computer, I will dust and vacuum and be done with the housework by 10AM! It's so much easier now that it's just Dave and I. If only I couold figure out how to stop the mail and papers around here from breeding at night while we're asleep, I could be even more tidy!

Mrs. Mac said...

Enjoy your weekend .. hopefully you have it off. Your new blog pic (cup of jo on red chair in snow) is cute .. I like to sit outside on the front porch rocker in the winter with a blanket and watch the world go by.