Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

Stretch! Good morning! It's the Monday after working the weekend off. I never sleep in because that would make my day off shorter! However, on work days, I don't have the same approach.
Had a wonderful Mother's Day, hope you did as well. Although I worked I had lots of hugs and well wishes from patients and staff; all of which meant a great deal to me. So many patients whose children did not visit or whose mom didn't come to see them. I can't say I pass judgement on those families, their journeys have been something I have not experienced. But it is my honor to stand in as daughter or mom on a day when everyone is forced to be aware of their place in the world. One young and very ill young man seemed to be there every time I turned around to say "Happy Mother's Day Sara. Can I hug you?" or to just want to hold my hand for a minute while I was speaking to someone else. He's going to be 19 soon, he wanted me to know that. In fact, he was waiting in the hallway when I arrived because he woke up thinking about Mother's Day. No visit for him. Don't know where his mom is, passed away? Ill herself? Just too overwhelmed to deal with him? Heaven forbid, just doesn't care?
There were lots of women understandably frustrated to be at work on Mother's Day but it felt a little like a very important assignment to me. Because I wasn't the only one playing mom or child to a patient. The entire staff was hugging, holding, talking...Every time I turned around some female staff person was talking to someone and telling them how proud they were of the progress they were making, how handsome or pretty they looked, how funny or smart or sweet they are. In other words, every patient at Kingswood from 6 to 90 had a mom for a minute yesterday.
One of our male employees had a wonderful idea, to have the cafeteria treat our staff moms to a free meal. How lovely the way people are so willing to extend themselves to find ways to celebrate one another.
After work my sister brought over cake and my parents came by for dessert and coffee. We exchanged Mother's Days gifts and spent a few hours together enjoying the last of Mother's Day. I am so thankful for all of the parts of my life that come together to make it whole.
It isn't about sitting in a church hearing the virtues of motherhood extolled or wearing a corsage. It's not about beautiful cards or dinners out, all of which are surely lovely. The real celebration should be from the mother and not of her; for the sacred place to which Christ has appointed her.


Pat said...

The people you work with are amazing...working right where they are intended to be. God bless them all.
I enjoyed yesterday with all of you too...I am blessed.

Amrita said...

Happy Mother 's Day Sara

Mrs. Mac said...

As my daughter, Ann, once said: "People have the need to know the true believings and the real happenings" :) I think you gave out a good dose of this today at work in such an unselfish way ... blessing others. Happy belated Mother's Day, Sara.