Friday, May 21, 2010

Not yet...

I've decided that the first part of my detecherizing will involve my Facebook account. I don't feel that my blog is the problem and in fact, it is more often enriching to share and receive these "letters" between friends. The continual updates on Facebook tend to draw me in to check what's new during my quiet moments instead of the daily blog check-in. Also, Facebook just creeps beyond its own borders too much for my comfort. I'm going to pull back from that whole thing for a while and then will likely delete the entire account.
Having given much thought and prayer to what this overhaul of my virtual life needs to look like, I think I'm figuring out what to do with it. I'm going to organize my home office and make it a nicer place than it presently is, which is a spare room/catcher of all stuff without a home/computer room/ironing board room/dog kennel room. I will pack up the laptop and store it and hopefully, remove it from the center of the family room thereby making myself have computer time and time that is NOT.
I will continue in my decision not to trade up to a blackberry i phone such thing. My personal cell will always be a phone only and that for limited purpose. So if you're someone who chats on your cell in the car, please don't be offended if I don't chit chat during my drive time.
Hopefully, making a home office space will also encourage me to upload my photographs and use them on my blog. Right now they all live inside of my camera and I usually sit on the couch on the lap top.
Finally, I will continue in my determination that this blog will be, if not always brilliant, at least pleasing to God. A place to exchange prayer and encouragement and to share what's going on. I will always be honest but will also respect the privacy of others so you won't find the inside scoop here. I won't use it as a forum for revenge, attention-seeking or veiled references at people I'm angry with. No profanity. Lots of home & hearth.
Consider this a renewed invitation to join me if you're so inclined.
Facebook, your days are numbered.


Pat said...

Good decision!
I'll take reading a blog over FB any time!

Jacquelyn Stager said...

Sounds like you are sorting through how to deal with techy overload in a thoughtful way that will work for you. I admit to some addiction to my MacBook but for me, it is my connection to the outside world and friendships at this time of my life. My days are mostly caught between caring for grandchildren and caring for aging parents. The internet allows me to stay connected with people at hours of the day or night that I am able to give time to it. But it is a good thing to reaccess from time to time...and I totally respect your effort to do that in your own life. I love your idea of re-owning your spare room. I have the same situation here. It started out as a lovely home office and has become a junk room. That needs to change. Thanks for the inspiration.