Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Open Book

Ah yes, satan has noticed me. Of course with my declaration of abundance this has been a week at work that has felt a little too abundant with all the wrong stuff. In our hospital usually staffed with three day shift managers it was just me yesterday and me covering 2 out of 3 units today. Oh, and my boss? Off yesterday and today. It's been pretty much just me and my shadow the last two days.
Naturally, this is about the point when multiple staff decide their multiple issues must be dealt with. Everything for the last two days has been NOW. I'll be honest, I'm whipped. I got home yesterday at 6:00 and was in bed by 7:30. God bless the Mr. who not only made dinner but cleaned up. And then didn't fuss when I was wide awake at 11:00, turned on a light and read for an hour. I love that guy.
Today more of the same but with my heart newly tuned to the Holy Spirit's presence, it was me that was changed and not the circumstance. I opened a Bible and put it on my desk. Did I read it? Nope. No time. Even lunch consisted of 4 strawberries and a banana at my desk. But the simple act of opening the Word and putting it in front of me left the door to my mind open to wisdom. A visual reminder of the path I've chosen and that it is me who is to bring abundance into oppression.
I could've gotten involved in refereeing two staff who are constantly going at it. I referred them to human resources. I could've pitched in on the floor but I realized that the staff was adequate and I didn't need to take on more work that I'd resent (isn't that a lesson? It takes a humbled spirit not to need to be the hero.) I put on my Ipod and walked past my staff telling them I was going to walk off some frustration. They got the message. Back off, she's not playing.
A good day? Well, not a bad one anyway. I thought it was going to be but the presence of that little green Bible sent a message to me and frankly, sent one to the enemy.
Finally the Lord being a loving God who gives good things wrapped the day up before I needed a second walk around the parking lot. By 3:30 afternoon shift was there and running smoothly. My work for the day was, miraculously, done. At 4:00 p.m. I was out the door.
It was an eight hour day without a lunch but I did take that walk that very likely saved several lives from my wrath. I'm home in my quiet little house with the air conditioning and the ceiling fans blowing on me and I am relaxed. Another bonus of abundance. The ability to let moments fall away behind you and a spirit that doesn't allow aggravation to linger.

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