Thursday, May 06, 2010

Today I reviewed the public health code, completed the April Infection Control report & talked to an angry family. I challenged a doctor, hugged a patient and delegated a task to someone who wanted to argue about my authority.
I helped someone use the internet and answered a patient complaint. I left for lunch 4 times before I actually got there. I got out my car keys and spent 45 minutes trying to actually exit the building. I cleaned up spilled coffee off the floor and still haven't figured out where that urine smell is coming from.
Today I got offended when someone mocked nurse's week & set the record straight on just what it is we do. I demanded the respect due me and gave myself credit when no one noticed me.
Today I believed in myself and doubted myself in the same heartbeat. I acted braver than I felt and gave big credit for a small accomplishment.
I am a nurse.
If you know a nurse, allow me to inform you that every single one of us push through bad days on the fuel of moments of thank you.
And if you are a nurse, hold you head up and represent the rest of us with poise & dignity. We will hold our own to high standards and tolerate little foolishness.
Today I laughed until I cried, danced like Beyonce and finally finished a month's worth of chart audits.
I am a nurse.


Pat said...

I'm very proud of you!!!

Constance said...

When I had my spleen removed 5 years ago, I had complications (due to my ITP) and ended up in the hopsital twice as long as they had said. One of the things that had to bed done was to run that awful tube up through my nose and down my throat to drain off the gasses building up and making me sick and feverish. Unlike surgery I was awake for the process and it was not pleasant!

Everytime a nurse or an aide came into my room and did ANYTHING for me, I thanked them. I mean, changing out catheter bags and cleaning up vomit and so on deserves a thanks! I suppose the up side to that was that the nurses liked me : )

After the tube was removed and I was able to walk the halls, (which I did frequently) I saw the nurse that had put the tube up my nose. When I thanked her for taking care of me, she was floored! She told me how she hates having to do that to people! I told her it wasn't much fun for me either but it DID make me feel better!

Our niece is a nurse and we hear first hand about some of the things that she has to put up with, and sometimes the doctors are more ignorant than the patients and their families!

It takes someone special to be a nurse, thanks for the impact you have on people's lives!

Margie said...

my family wanted me to be a nurse, so much so that they offered to buy me a car. I wish that I could have been. I don't have the stomach for it. seriously, when people talk about a procedure, i feel like I want to throw up.

I'm proud of you!