Monday, August 15, 2011

Good night sweetheart, good night.

Oh my, what a lovely day this has been. I cleaned this sweet little house top to bottom, put new smell-goods in my Scentsy warmers and de-Donnyed the furniture with Febreeze. Seven loads laundered, dried, folded and put away. The windows wide open for those late summer breezes that are too short-lived here in the Mitten. Clean linens on all of the beds and since I did that all-nighter last night, mine is calling to me already.
We went out to dinner, just the Mr. & me. Mac is working a double and Jay will be over later. Kind of nice having the old guy all to myself for a minute. Picked up a new coffee grinder which I have just put to good use and my coffee pot is all ready for the morning. It's even been cool enough to light the candle on my kitchen table! Ahh, the simple pleasure of a clean house and a peaceful heart.
As we left for dinner I noticed those neighbors are no where to be seen, they who kept me up half the night. But their back yard is strewn with tossed-about lawn furniture and a nice shiny keg laying on its side. I think I should probably keep my eye out for an opportunity to let them know that their partying (I'm sure completely unbeknownst to them!) took its toll on our house's ability to sleep. Ultimately despite the delicious evening breezes we had to shut our windows just to sleep. I like to think they would be a little sorry, that maybe they won't do it again. Then again, if they don't care and aren't a little sorry; I'm not so sure I want to know.
So, good evening neighbors. I'm headed for a nightgown & a book and praying for enough sleep to make up for two nights since it's back to the alarm clock in the morning.



Mrs. Mac said...

It seems your peace has been restored. Country life has its noises too .. wild critters .. of the four legged kind hissing and bumping into things in the night. Glad the music (read loud noise) has abated and your all tucked in for the night.

Sweet dreams.

Margie said...

glad you had a peace-filled day!